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Friday, April 30, 2021


Croatia: Krapinske toplice

Since we are still on vacation, we decided to visit another spa site in Hrvatsko Zagorje. This time our destination was Krapinske toplice. We spiced up things a little, so we also picked up a few geocaches around the spa village.

Geocaching & beer is a good sport.

Hilly area with hilly street - Bregovita ulica.

We located a geocache on top of the hill with an old wine cellar. Since the owner was there, he invited us for a glass of local specialty.

Admiring the view.

On June 14, 1892, the Bellevue Restaurant in Krapinske Toplice was inaugurated. The opening of this restaurant took place during the visit of Austro-Hungarian Minister of War Ferdinand von Bauer. Jacob Badel is meritorious for the construction and opening of this restaurant.

Relaxing in Sauna world.

Returning back to the weekend house.

Geocaches found:
- Bolnički park - perivoj, GC8C1VB
- Župna Crkva Presvetog Trojstva Krapinske Toplice, GC8C3EM
- Skrnik, GC7Q9EB
- I'll be back.....be happy..... :), GC8C41M
- Šetalište Divljih kestena, GC8C2QC
- Bellevue, GC8C36Q

Thursday, April 29, 2021


Croatia: Velika Neandertalka

Velika neandertalka is a mountain bike race with with a length of approximately 60 km and around 1900 meters of altitude difference. The start is Krapina and takes you around Hrvatsko Zagorje. I decided to do the same circle, but with a different start. Nada joined me in Krapina and we shared some kilometres.

I started straight from our weekend house and soon I was on a muddy track.

Nada joined me in Krapina and she decided to cycle the smaller loop, called Mala neandertalka.

Smile on one of the easiest sections.

The first race was organised in 2013.

This section took us around Strahinjčica, where we hiked yesterday.

Many different surfaces changed on our way.

Near Gornje Jesenje.

Nada, there is mud on your face, so not a proper time for a selfie.

Race position.

Our ways split in Donje Jesenje.

Black Mamba.

My rear shock was in a poor condition, but I was equipped for that too.

Dead after the ride.

MTB ride - Garmin Connect.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Croatia: Strahinjčica

The plan for today was to do a hike & fly trip to Strahinjčica. Unfortunately the fog prevented the take off, so Nada and me just did a nice long hike over the mountain with many peaks, Sušec being the highest one with 846 meters.

Ascend over Jelenske pećine.

Nice hike with the heavy backpack through the misty forest.

Nada liked my hiking speed.

Geocache near the mountain hut.

Take off site was covered with fog. Maybe on the way back, it will clear.

On Sušec, the highest peak of Strahinjčica.

Lunch on the take of site. The weather didn't clear up, so we just hiked back to the valley.

On our way back we summited few more peaks, that were on our way - Goleš, 685 m, Gorjak, 678 m and Slon, 445 m.

All the routes we walked today were without people.

View to Brezovica, the peak we conquered 2 days ago.

Our start and end point was village Podgora Krapinska.

View from Slon.

Ice cream and dinner for the end of the day.

Geocaches found:
- Strahinjčica no.1, GC4P87T
- Sušec 846 m nv, GC959MM

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Croatia: Tuhelj spa

Hrvatsko Zagorje has many spa sites. Nada and me decided to visit Terme Tuhelj spa in the city with the same name, but before that, we visited a few interesting places.

The parish church in Zagorska Sela is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria. The present church was built in 1691 on the foundations of the old church. At the beginning of the 19th century (1829) pyramidal top of the tower was replaced with tower similar to old Zagreb Cathedral. In the mid 19th century, the church finally gets outer shape as it is today.

Surrounded by the ruins Cesargrad in significant landscape Zelenjak, on the road Klanjec - Kumrovec, is a monument to the Croatian anthem "Our Beautiful Homeland".


Hungry after the water activities.

Geocaches found:
- The Chemistry of Geocaching, Mystery, GC5XTY9
- Lost Mystery, GC5G3BC
- Crkva Sv. Katarine - Zagorska Sela, GC52CMD
- Lithothamnium Limestone, EarthCache, GC6P9BA

Monday, April 26, 2021


Croatia: Krapina and Brezovica

After watching the World Rally Championship in Croatia for 3 days, Nada and me decided to have an easy day. We drove to nearby city Krapina, we found a few geocaches in the city, visited the old castle and we finished the sightseeing trip with an ice cream near the Krapinčica river. On our way back to our weekend house we did a short hike to Brezovica hill.

Giant eggs.

View to Krapina, the central place of Hrvatsko Zagorje.

The first written documents mention Krapina in 1193. In the Middle Ages, there was a fortress Krapina at the foot of which a settlement began to develop.

Exploring the castle, nearby hills and caves.

Krapina is home to the yearly Festival kajkavske popevke (The festival of kajkavian song) sung in the local Kajkavian language.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, Krapina was a district capital in the Varaždin County of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia.

On the wall.

Elementary School Ljudevit Gaj celebrates 110 years.

Afterwards, we decided to have a long 20 minute hike.

We reached the summit of 581 meters high Brezovica.

Tuši and Nada - Garmin Connect.

Rummy in the evening. To be continued...

Geocaches found:
- Neandertalac, GC7P20Y
- Bashcha Stari grad Krapina, GC5RV32