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Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Slovenia / Serbia / Bulgaria: Road trip Bulgaria, Day 1: From Slovenia to Plovdiv

Vacation around 1st of May has lately been reserved for road trips and so was this year. Unfortunately me and Nada had to postpone it for a few days, so we joined the gang in Bulgaria, in Plovdiv. We boarded the Air Serbia plane in Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, made a stop on Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and soon we arrived to Sofia Airport. Sofia Metro took us to the main bus station and soon we were on the bus to Plovdiv, the second largest city in the country. The bus arrived, and immediately we had a well deserved beer on our tables near our apartment. After a short time the white van arrived. Barbara, Katja, Miha, Aleš and Rok stepped out and we were ready for the trip with the full crew.

From Slovenia to Bulgaria via Serbia

 Boarding the turboprop ATR 72 plane 

Time to read (Jakob J. Kenda - Apalaška pot)

Pit stop in Serbia

Cheap and quite fast transport tickets (metro/bus combination) from Sofia to Plovdiv.

Bus tickets to Plovdiv with domestic beer

Каменица (Kamenitza) is one of the top-selling Bulgarian beer companies, based in the city of Plovdiv.

Dinner time

Dzhumaya Mosque was built in 1363–1364 on the site of the Sveta Petka Tarnovska Cathedral Church after the conquest of Plovdiv by the Ottoman army. During the reign of Sultan Murad I in the 15th century the old building was demolished and replaced by the modern-day mosque. It was called Ulu Dzhumaya Mosque, or Main Friday Mosque.

Одеон на Филипополис (Odeon of Philippopolis) was the house of the city council of citizens (known as bouleuterion) of ancient Plovdiv. The Odeon of Philippopolis was discovered near General Gurko street in the northeastern corner of the Roman forum in Plovdiv.

Monday, April 29, 2019


Slovenia: Hike to Šija and Kofce

Today Nada and me visited two nearby pastures below Košuta ridge, Šija and Kofce. We enjoyed muddy and snowy trail without people.

The surface changed with the heights

One of the weekend houses

Pasture called Šija, where my grandparents used to take care of the cattle

Some things changed during the last years

White spring

Šija Scouts hut

Time to start moving back

Viw from Kofce to the West

Veliki vrh in Košuta ridge

Storžič, Tolsti vrh and Kriška gora

We danced back to the spring

Exploring old and new paths around pastures below Košuta ridge

Sunday, April 28, 2019


Slovenia: GeoCaching in Zasavje

With Nada we visited her family in Hrastnik, but since we left a bit early, we were able to find a few geocaches in some interesting locations.

Main entrance to the cave Kotredež, from where they excavated 11738791 tonns of brown coal (till 1954).

On 29 November 1952, a mighty monument was discovered Trbovlje in front of the old mine restaurant, where roads from all urban settlements intersect. The figure in the middle represents the confrontation with Orjuna, the woman with her child in her lap represents mining strikes and the social struggle, while the rifle fighter represents wartime.

An urn in front of the monument decorated with relief scenes from the lives of miners.

View to Trbovlje

The Ojstro Cave is an abandoned mine shaft for the extraction of coal in Hrastnik, part of the Trbovlje Coal Mine system, which operated between 1892 and 2007.

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "Siebasiach's Figure Eight Geocoin", TB735HE, "Sanban s1", TB42DJW and "Julia ud Zweeenes 100000 Caches", TB35GHN):
- Rudnik premoga v zapiranju Zagorje, GC6R0D4
- Spomenik, GC7XPF7
- Delavski dom Trbovlje, GC7XPEA
- pri psih, GC7H0P1
- Be Active in Hrastnik, GC7A0BE

Saturday, April 27, 2019


Slovenia: Prelaz Ljubelj and Klara's Confirmation

In the morning Nada and me went on a quick hike to Prelaz Ljubelj and after that we were invited to my niece's Confirmation.

Pyramids at the top of the pass

Barefoot shoes with socks. I still don't understand the logic.

Nada and Tuši with monkey business

Quick morning hike

My niece Klara and her godmother Maja

Family photo

Klara and Tuši

One with the young ones

Nada, Tuši, Tim and Matic

Monday, April 22, 2019


Slovenia: Povna peč and Prelaz Ljubelj

I love holidays, that always arrive on weekdays and one of them is Easter Monday. This year the weather was perfect for some easy hiking.

Towards Povna peč, 1503 m

The summit is never crowded

Nada and Tuši

Since there is no hut at the top, we started with our return trip

April days

Easy hike for Easter Monday