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Sunday, July 29, 2018


Croatia: Ravnica, Sveta Ana and Food

In the morning Matic and me went mountain biking. We chose Ravnica, 560 m, as our first and highest destination and then we followed the ridge to the west. After some time we descended to Sveta Ana church, where we met with the rest of the Vešligaj family. Soon we moved back "home", where we had an all you can eat day.

Good morning

Ready, steady, gooo...

On top of Ravnica, 560 m

Matic in downhill section

View to the part where we cycled

Riding around Gornja Plemenšćina - Garmin Connect

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Croatia: Cycling around Hrvatsko Zagorje

Saturday in Hrvatsko Zagorje was reserved for cycling. With Nada we did a nice sunny circle, mostly on side roads and we visited some nice places.

Vešligaj homestead in Prigorje

Corn field with sunflowers

Passing  by Veliki Tabor Castle

Away from the traffic road

Road led us towards Kumrovec

Simple home

We visited Political School Josip Broz Tito, abandoned building with 145 rooms and rode past the Monument to Croatian national anthem in Zelenjak.

View from lookout called Pesji Skok

Mountain hut Cesargrad (Planinarska kuća Cesargrad) was unfortunately closed

Black Mamba and Tuši

Cesargrad is a medieval fortress built in mid 14th century on the steepest part of Cesargrad forest above the Sutla valley.

According to tradition, Cesargrad was built by Templars, knight order founded to protect pilgrims on their way to the tomb of Jesus in the Holy Land. Cesargrad (Kayersperg) was first mentioned 1399 in the grant of King Sigismund, by means of which it was donated to Earl Herman of Celje. Until it became property of noble family Erdödy, fort often changed hands during 15th century. 1573 Cesargrad got destroyed in the Peasants' Revolt , when it was robbed and set on fire. Owners made an attempt to partially reconstruct it, but as the new palace in Klanjec was finished, the Erdödy family moved into it and Cesargrad was left to decay. Since 1933 the castle is owned by the Croatian Mountaineering Association.

On top of Cesargrad mountain we reached the summit called Japica, 509 m.

Downhill maniac

Away from the main roads

Tuhelj parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Interesting church in Mala Erpenja

Time to attack the steepest part of our trip

Low on sugar

Rushing to the dinner table

GeoCaches found:
- Kumrovec, GCWA9P
- Vidikovac - Pasji skok, GC72XKK
- Vapnenačka stijena - Pasji skok, EarthCache, GC78Y6P
- Putevima seljačke bune - Cesargrad, GC72XM0
- Fortification 1 - Utvrda Cesargrad, GC72TV6
- HPO Japica 509m, GC7MQ9R

Friday, July 27, 2018


Slovenia / Croatia: Trbovlje, Dol pri Hrastniku and Zagorje

With Nada we decided to have a short weekend vacation in Hrvatsko Zagorje. After work we sat in our car and went on the way. Our first stop was in Trbovlje, where we visited Nada's grandma. In Dol pri Hrastniku we had a late lunch with Nada's uncle Rado and his family and then we drove to our destination, Zagorje.

Relaxed towards vacation

GeoCache found:
- Popotnik, Mystery, GC5MZC0

Thursday, July 26, 2018


Slovenia: Ride 2 Work

"Cycling to Work on Thursdays" event came again. Today I started from Naklo, so I had a little easier job, therefore we decided to make a little larger loop with a short stop for coffee and cacao.

From Češnjevek to Dvorje

Great morning ride with Rok and photographer Grega

Riding 2 work # 10 in 2018 - Garmin Connect

GeoCache found:
- Linhartov podhod, GC7CZBH

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Zaplata

Rok received a call in the afternoon for a hike & fly adventure and he also invited me. Since I was without any gear, he lent me a harness, while Miha gave me his old wing.  Thanks guys. Together we hiked from Mače to Zavetišče v Hudičevem borštu from where we took off. We flew around a bit and then landed in Preddvor.

Me and Rok flying around

Time to land

Sunday, July 22, 2018


Slovenia: Macesnovec and Stan

Tina, Nada, Rok and me did a short Sunday hike. Our destination was 1926 m high Macesnovec, a summit between Krma and Kot valleys in Triglav National Park. Its peak, named after larch (Slovene: macesen), offers great views to all directions. Our trip started in Kot valley past the spring under the Rjavina mountain. We reached the top after good 2 hours and with Rok we immediately saw some possibilities for climbing. We soon descended and with Rok we also did a short detour to close unknown peak called Stan.

Fresh water below Rjavina

At this point we left the marked trail

Larch trees occupy the area all the way to the ridge

At the top with the view to mighty Rjavina, 2532 m

Julian Alps and some notable peaks towards the west:
Left ridge - Dimniki, Luknja peč, Rjavina
Middle ridge: Požgana mlinarica, Spodnja Vrbanova špica, Visoka Vrbanova špica
Far ridge: Kukova špica, Veliki Oltar, Šklatica, Dolkova špica, Stenar

Still many peaks to conquer

"Our"ridge to the north that ends in Zgornja Radovna. We can see plateau Mežakla and settlement Mojstrana too.

Tuši, Nada, Tina and Rok

One more panorama and we will return

Goodbye Macesnovec

One more pass below Rjavina

Quick descent

Conquering new Slovenian mountain