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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Slovenia: Winter Technique Course and Bowling

Winter Technique Course was part of our Alpine School and we had it today. We hiked from Grahovše to the entrance of the Mladinska climbing route in Storžič.
On the way we performed a snow stability test with two different methods, Compression test and Shovel Shear Test. The second one was quite useless in our example, since we had a lot of fresh snow without a decent basis, on the other hand, CT test was OK and it showed first changes after 12 spanks.
We continued with the course with mounting and walking with crampons, movement with an Ice axe and soon we prepared a toboggan, for simulating a fall, where we had to use our Ice axes to stop ourselves.
The course continued with setting up a belay in the snow and we found out, that although the snow was very dry, the belay was very secure, so we could continue with techniques of belaying, dynamically through the hips and static over the shoulders. Later on, the head of our School Miha, demonstrated a descent on two axes and a snow bollard.
The course was completed in Dom pod Storžičem mountain hut.

On our way up

Short stop by the monument dedicated to victims of Storžič mountain and mountaineers from Tržič area, that died in local or foreign mountains.

Advantages and disadvantages of skis - it's easier, but you go first

Short break for a view

Johnny took over

Time for a panorama

Snow stability test. We from Tržič just smell it and we know. 

At the "Base camp": Miha, Klara, Slavc, Johhny, Tomaž - Ciril, Matic, Tuši and Metod

Stopping with an Ice Axe

Belaying techniques in snow

Abseiling in snow (2 ice axes or snow bollard)

Head of our school Miha and Head of Alpine department in Tržič Slavc

A little bit of hiking was needed to reach our "Base camp".

In the evening our local Sport society ŠD Podljubelj organized a competition in Ten-pin bowling. More than 30 players attended and we spent a nice evening together.

BB: Bowling and Beer

Winners: Women: 1st Neža, 2nd Anita, 3rd Helena, Men: 1st Metod, 2nd Miha, 3rd Tomaž

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Slovenia: Hike to Kršiše

When I am at home and have nothing to do, I just go out. Kršiše is one of the options.

Quick hike to Kršiše with a little bit of running

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Slovenia: Hike in My Village

For a long time I had a trail in my head, that leads from Koča na Prevalu mountain hut to a place know to locals as "Za Šijo" and today I decided to find it together with Nada and our dog Ben. First part was easy, since we walked from home to Ljubelj, past the bunker, through the tunnels to a hut mentioned before. From there the track became more difficult, as it was covered with snow, so it was hardly visible and the hike was more a walk through a steep slippery forest. Nada was already losing her patience, but since she knew if we turn around, it wouldn't be any better, we kept on going. We reached the point, where I decided to leave the trail and decided to descent straight to "Za Šijo". Fun for me, not at all for Nada and her ankle, still we managed. After some time we arrived back to a normal trail. In a hunter's hut we run into my schoolmate from primary school, so we had a short stop for a beer and juice. Thanks Simon. We continued towards home without any problems.

View from the bunker to Ljubelj Pass

View to Šentanska valley - Podljubelj, where you can also see our starting point

View to Lake Bled and Julian Alps

Descent with the use of two techniques, walking and skiing

Roundtrip in Podljubelj

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Slovenia: Fan And Book

Old laptop, new OS, still slow? Usually your cooling system is totally dirty and airflow non-existent. Solution can be quite simple, just clean the fan, or it can turn into a nightmare, because you can not reach the fan without disassembling 90% of your computer. A hint prom the professional: YouTube is your friend.

This is not a filter, it is just dust, blocking the airflow

As part of Alpine Club school we needed to read a book and I chose a Slovenian author and an alpinist, Nejc Zaplotnik and his book Pot (The Way). I must say the book, actually the climbing life of Nejc, was very good and I would recommend it to everyone, not only alpinists. He climbed several new routes in the mountains of Slovenia, he was active in the Alps, Yosemite and the Himalayas, where he climbed new difficult routes on Hidden Peak, Makalu and Everest.

The most famous quote from the book is:
“Anyone looking for goal will remain empty when it will be reached, but whoever finds a way, will always carry the goal inside.” 
― Nejc ZaplotnikPot

Statue of Nejc, his portrait and book

On May 13, 1979: Andrej Štremfelj and Jernej (aka Nejc) Zaplotnik reached the Summit via the true West ridge and descend via the Hornbein Couloir.  This large Yugoslav expedition was lead by Tone Škarja. The Summits successfully ended two-months' endeavors of the Yugoslav expedition. The Slovenian Route along the Western Ridge of Everest still ranks among the toughest Everest routes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Slovenia: Food day

Klopčič on Litostrojska cesta 57 in Ljubljana was a popular canteen when me and some of my co-workers were students and today we decided to check it out again. Back then it was also popular within workers, due to cheap and big meals, so we grabbed our working clothes and we drove there.

Same plates, same big meals, cheap prices, same taste. Couldn't want more.

Back to the future with Klemen, Aleš, Rok and Primož.

In the evening Nada and me decided to have a home made sushi for dinner. As always, it was delicious.

Sushi Evening

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Slovenia: GeoCaching afternoon in my village

After an exhausting night a fresh air always helps, therefore Nada and me decided to locate the nearby GeoCache. We were successful and Nada also saw a new waterfall, called Tominčev slap.

The Tominčev waterfall on the Beli potok stream near Podljubelj is carved in a wall of beautiful conglomerate rock. The waterfall has height of 18 meters.

Hike to the Cache

GeoCache found:
- Wet & Wild, GC2V5CK

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Austria: 63. Holzhackerball in Bodental/Poden

Nada, Borut and me decided to attend Holzhackerball in nearby Bodental/Poden. people attended in different variations of national costumes and it was nice to see them.

Holzhackerball entrance souvenir on Carinthian Flag

Photos from: http://www.paparazzi24.at/

Awesome. In Austria you can still smoke inside and in the end you and your clothes smell like the freshest air on Earth.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Slovenia: High School Anniversary and MALAMOR Concert

Many years has passed since we finished high school and for today I organized a quick gathering. Surprisingly more schoolmates came than I expected.
Some of my schoolmates and our class teacher

After the gathering I decided to visit Roma Bar for a quick beer, but there was a concert inside, so I stayed longer.

MALAMOR in Roma Bar. Cast: Sanaa Taha (vocals), Luka Ropret (guitar), Jaka Hawlina (trumpet), Blaz Celarec (percussion) and Peter Baroš (keyboards)

"El malamor" by MALAMOR

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


WWWRap Battle: Mountain Biker vs. Road Biker

One of the best ones this year

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Slovenia: Hike to Prižnica

Rok, Nada and me planned a hike to Stol, 2236 m. We started with the hike from Završnica, 620 m. We passed by Valvasorjev dom pod Stolom mountain hut, 1181 m, and we continued to Prižnica. We kept on going in windy and cold weather but in the end we decided to turn around and we returned back the on the same way.

Rok, Nada and me

So many options

We will have to try again

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Slovenia: Avalanche course on Zelenica

Local Mountain Rescue service organized a course about avalanches in Dom na Zelenici mountain hut, 1536 m and we, trainees of Alpine Club Tržič, attended. 3 hours of theoretical lectures and 3 more of practical examples were perfect and we found out many new things. We also tried some of the avalanche equipment like avalanche beacons, probes, shovels, ...

Some useful information:

The death rate from avalanches remains fairly constant, around 60% of victims on extraction. This is largely due to the average response time of the search and rescue services.


Survival Phase

In the first 15 minutes 93% of avalanche victims are still alive, indeed most of the deaths occur during the fall either by hitting rocks or trees or being carried over cliffs or by being crushed or suffocated by the weight of snow. Wet snow avalanches, characteristic of spring, are most likely to suffocate or crush skiers during this phase but it is less common for skiers to be caught these.

Asphyxiation Phase

In this half hour period, two thirds of victims will die from asphyxiation. Apart from wet snow avalanches the snow encasing victims contains a significant amount of oxygen and is permeable. If a victim has protected or can clear airways and can breath (that is the weight of snow is not compressing the lungs or thorax) they can usually breath. During this period the surrounding air will either be exhausted or the victims respiration will condense and freeze slowly rendering the surrounding snow impermeable.

Waiting Phase

Between 45 minutes and rescue the victim will probably have found an air pocket and is in a phase of relative security which will allow them to survive for a considerable period. Death is either from slow asphyxia or hypothermia. With an adequate air supply hypothermia is slowed down.

Rescue Phase

Between being rescued and arrival and recovering in hospital the risk of hypothermia is great. Hypothermia begins when the body temperature drops below 35° C (body temperature is around 36.5/37.0° C) and it is extremely rare for a victim to survive once their body temperature drops to 29° C. The survival phase is critical, when the body is cooled it will divert blood from the extremities to the vital organs, when the body is warmed blood will return to the extremities but at too low a temperature this will cool the vital organs causing death by thermal shock.


The basic message is that to survive an avalanche you have to be rescued within 15 minutes, with half an hour to wait before the rescue services arrive on the scene this comes down to your friends. Your life depends on carrying and being proficient in the use of avalanche transceivers and having snow probes and shovels. In ideal conditions it will take around 5 minutes to locate a victim with a transceiver and 10 to 15 minutes to dig them out from the average depth of burial which is 1 meter.

Red sky on descent

Our instructors and we, trainees

Hike to the course

Monday, January 05, 2015


Slovenia: Hike 2 Work

Last year (12649), me and Rok decided to hike to work on the first working day of the new year and why would this year be different. Well, it was a little. Grega joined us. We started with the hike in Voglje at 3:30 a.m. and after 19 kilometres we arrived in Trzin.

Rašica with Ljubljana at night

Attendees 2015: Grega, Rok and Tuši

2nd traditional hike from Voglje to Trzin

GeoCache found:
- Spomenik Padlim za svobodo, GC51VDW

Sunday, January 04, 2015


Slovenia: Hike to Kofce, Sledding from Ljubelj Pass

Borut, Nada and me decided to do a hike in the morning. Our destination was Dom na Kofcah mountain hut, 1488 m.

View to the West

Nada, Tuši and Borut

Dom na Kofcah mountain hut

Quick Hike before lunch

In the afternoon we decided to go sledding, our endpoint, Koča na Ljubelju mountain hut, 1370 m.

Icy road

Short break with my niece Klara

Nearby mountians


Afternoon recreation with my family