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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Thursday, or small Friday as we call it, showed it's true colors today. After a couple of hours in Roma bar with my co-worker Primož we went to his place in Škofja Loka, Puštal to be exact, where we had a couple of his beers with a group, that was already there thinking the same way we did.

Beer Puštuc and his brewer

Late dinner or it was early breakfast, who knows? ... Who cares...


Today I lent my car to my coworker Primož and I took his car to a mechanic for a regular service. Since I didn't have a transportation to home, I called Ana and she was very kind and she drove me "straight" home.

Cold cuts for us


It was worth it


My motorbike was ready for new adventures with new oil and new brake pads, so I picked him up at my mechanic's place. I walked the same path as I did the previous week.


In the morning I noticed another body in my tent. It was Mrki. Šubic and his friend were obviously somewhere else and since it's always good to drink an early beer in the morning, to start fighting with a hangover before he even comes to the head banging, we did it.

Cold morning refreshment

View to the camp in Laško from the bar

Even though it was still morning, there was no time for coffee.

 Our breakfast

Back to Gorenjska with a train
After a couple of beers Mrki and I slept a little on the train, just enough, that we forgot to go off in Kranj, so the train took us all the way to Lesce. There we waited for an hour for another train, that took us back to our destination. Since the conductor didn't wake us up the first time, we didn't pay for the ticket this time. Finally we arrived, but we also had to go on, because we were invited to para-gliders picnic in Potoče.



Picnic in the wilderness next to Kokra river


Time to go to Laško, to the biggest beer festival in Slovenia, called Pivo & cvetje (Beer & flowers). 48th event was sponsored by the biggest Slovenian brewery, Laško.

Story for Laško beer main ingredient

Only a group of 4 decided to go to this great event and as usual we acted very responsibly and we went there by train.

Straight from work to Laško
My 3 companions in the train

Free camping place, hope we'll find our tent later 
After some good mood beers it was time for my favourite Slovenian band at the moment, Mi2 from Rogatec.


Monday, September 17, 2012


My motorbike, Yamaha Fazer FZ6 S2, needed new brake pads and an oil change, so I went to my local mechanic and I left the motorbike there. I decided to walk back home on a track, that I haven't walked for 15 years. It wasn't marked then and now it's even overgrown by all sorts of plants, so it was very hard to find it.

In the end I made it, but I lost the track for a couple of times


Everything was set for Kralj's family arrival. Tanja and their kids Vid and Žiga arrived around noon.

The boss arrived


Žiga and Vid

Before Andrej and me left the seaside we had lunch, čevapčiči
Link: Receipt in Kamp Njivice


In the morning we had to disinfect our bruises. Tsipouro was an excellent idea for that.

Old supplies

Surgery after yesterday's bicycle accident

Later we helped our neighbours with their travel trailer 
And soon the day became night.

Neighbours came to visit with a Jägermeister


Like every year, my neighbour went to island Krk in Croatia, where he sets a caravan for a about a month and also this year me and Andrej went with him to help him a bit.This year also Tanja joined us for a day.

Basic tools for working

Hard work presented in 20 seconds

Sunset from Njivice Camp
 In the evening Tanja went home and it was time for guys evening.

"Responsible" journey with bicycles to the city Njivice

How little we need


Enough courage for a tattoo

Finishing with a Red Bull Vodka
On our way back our "responsible" journey with bicycles ended with some bruises, but no worries, bicycles were undamaged.


After every long trip it is nice to clean the motorbike and why not do this with a beer, friend Pija and a great lasagne from Petra.


Lasagne, beer and my clean motorbike with the cleaning guy (Maj)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


In the morning Alex prepared a "kickassⓇ" breakfast for me, then we said goodbye and I went riding again. Thanks Alex for great time in Brno and see you soon.

Soon I entered Austria

On the road for last time on this trip

And I arrived home after almost 6000 kilometres

That's it with the motorbike for a while

Summary of the trip:
- 7 foreign countries: Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria
- consumed gasoline: 294 litres
- 8 CS hosts: Viktória and Réka, Julia, Max and Saline, Dmitriy, Sanya, Jana and Hank and Alex
- total costs of the 16 day trip: 835 €

My 6000 km
Vertical profile

Great beers, drinks and food