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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Although the weather wasn't nice, we went out and we did some work on Planina Korošica.


Cutting overcrowded trees and repairing the fence was our primary task

Minor problems were quickly solved
Hiking and carrying all the tools on this paths can be quite difficult

Monday, July 30, 2012


Every year some friends go to Planina Korošica, where we help to prepare the hill for the cattle that usually arrives in the middle of June and stays there for three months. Since we arrived Friday afternoon, we didn't work much.

Our youngest participant Žiga

 Fun in a wheelbarrow

 Picking up flowers for the tea

Boys boys boys
"Typical" Slovene cousine in the mountains, čevapčiči

Our cook Vizo - if you have a chance, try his pancakes

I forgot, can you explain again?

And here comes the last one, at 11 p.m.


Aleš, Pirgo and me had another bicycle trip to our work. This time we were cycling on the right bank of river Sava all the way to Ljubljana. On our way back we decided to do it hard way.


Over the big river in Trzin and some fields

Discovered Pirgo's monument

Šenturska Gora was our first hard point

The second one was Štefanja Gora
130 kilometres

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Aleš, Aleš, Mojmir, Borut and me joined the 17th bicycle marathon called Maraton Češenj (Cherry Marathon). Although the weather forecast wasn't promising, there were was no rain on the way.

 My start number and bicycle
108 kilometres

With a break for drink and snacks in Ajdovščina, sponsored by Fructal,  I arrived to Dobrovo after 5 hours and 20 minutes. In Dobrovo, there is a wine cellar Goriška brda, who is also an organiser of this marathon and a producer of great wine. We tried some and the affect was great.

Medal and a bottle of wine for all who finished

Special edition for Cherry marathon

Borut, Mojmir, me, Aleš and Aleš
Vertical profile


Today Aleš, Pirgo and me decided to go to work with bicycles. At 6:30 a.m. Aleš and me had a departure from Bistrica pri Tržiču and then we headed towards Cegelnica, where Pirgo joined us. After 2 hours we arrived in Trzin.

On our way back we stopped in Škofja Loka, Puštal to be exact, where we had a home brewed beer "Puštuc", made by our co-worker Primož. Unfortunately he couldn't join us, since he found chatting with his boss over skype more interesting.

120 kilometres


Monday and time to go to work.

Riding with Lejla and going to work from Sela na Krasu

After work I went to Ljubelj with a bicycle.
Short after work recreation


Our party continued with cycling. Lejla, Maja, Tadej and me decided to make a small circle around the area.

When you forget, that your bicycle has pedal baskets

Tadej with Big Fish bicycle

The party continued with great food, football, games, ...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


In the morning my friend Dejan walked from his home to Zelenica over Dobrča, Preval and Begunjščica. I joined him for a beer in Zelenica.

My hike
In the afternoon I went with Lejla to Sela na Krasu, where Tadej and Maja rented a house for 4 days and they will celebrate their birthdays tomorrow.


Tadej and Marko, volunteers  

Maja, Rok, Maja and Lejla (not sure 100%)

Riding to Sela na Krasu

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My co-worker from New Zealand John had the last day in Slovenia, so I brought some budjola, bread and chili peppers to work.

Our "Nobenega" stickers from last week (see this entry) also found the way to the bottles so we had some home brewed non-alcoholic beer with the breakfast.

Friday breakfast at work
For lunch we went to Dobeno, where you have a nice view over Ljubljana. We haven't been here for almost half a year and the owner surprised us immediately. He brought my house keys that I lost here half a year ago, without a clue where they might be. Thank you! Pizzas in Dobenski hram are also great, so we had two with our Kiwi John.

For two months we have a new co-worker Dule, who is working in a very hot room, called Korčula now, after a very nice Croatian island. We secretly prepared some music and we hid some wireless speakers in the room with seagulls and when he arrived back from lunch to his work place we played it. At first he didn't know what the hell is going on in his "seaside" room, but then we showed up. We laughed a while about it, but soon we left, because of the heat and off course we left the poor Dule behind. Good luck Dule and have fun on Korčula were our last words.

Dule in Korčula with a pool and a ship
After a great day at work, I joined my neighbours and we went to a party for a Day of youth in Begunje na Gorenjskem. In Slovenia we still celebrate this on 25th May, like in the old Yugoslav times.

Monday, July 16, 2012


With John we came back to our yesterday's action place and we quickly cleaned the place up. Thanks John. Later I decided to take my Yamaha to a little ride around Gorenjska.


In the morning I said goodbye to my couchsurfers Jana and Hank. They left for Sicily.

And I? It was time for a bicycle. I organised a bicycle tour around Tržič as part of my birthday party. Not many people decided to go cycling with me, but the one that came, were well prepared. I met with John, Draženko, Aleš, Pirgo and another Aleš in the city. We began cycling towards our mountains, through villages Dolina and Jelendol.


Draženko, Aleš, Aleš, John, me and Pirgo
Soon we passed mountain huts in Pungrat and Šija and we ended up in Kofce, where I invited the non-bicyclists. Only Kralj family had enough strength to join us.

Resting at 1488 m above sea level


Great job guys
Our track

And in the end we deserved a nice picnic in the forest. I finished Chili con carne and others participated in other important tasks for a great party.

My first Chili con carne


My help, all ages

Serving the food on a new made table


Action everywhere

We ended late at night