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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Slovenia, Italy, Austria: Motorcycling to Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Sunny Sunday was just perfect for some riding. We decided to visit 2 neighbouring countries, pass a couple of high alpine passes with a goal to ride on Grossglockner High Alpine Road.

Our first bigger pass was Passo di Pramollo/Naßfeld Pass at the altitude of 1552 meters and from there we went straight towards our the high alpine road, where we stopped at Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe  @ 2369 m. We continued through tunnel at Hochtorl Pass (2504 m) and Fuscher Törl (2428 m) to Edelweißspitze viewpoint (2572 m), which was the highest point today. We descended to state of Salzburg and returned back home over Radstädter Tauern Pass (1738 m), Turracher Höhe Pass (1795 m) and nearby Ljubelj (1069 m).

GeoCaching on the way

Naßfeld Pass - Passo di Pramollo

Church on the border


Heiligenblut am Großglockner with Veliki Klek

Quick stop on the way...

... by the waterfall. 

Nada taking photos

Veliki Klek with Pasterze Glacier (Pastirica)

Alpine marmot and a monument dedicated to Franz Joseph I, who visited the place on 7.9.1856

Walking around 



More mountains from Edelweißspitze

Our curves



Turracher Höhe Pass

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "Cacher's Best Friend - Cache Thief Tag", TB6E9CD and "Edelweiss", TB4JGEB):
- Slap Peričnik / Peričnik Waterfall, EarthCache, GC313GV
- Jure Robič, GC3VWHZ
- **** LOG ****, GC2KM3M
- Dying lion, GC5YK96
- We show you the Canal Valley - Church, GC52QXX
- We show you the Canal Valley - Canyon, GC52QXJ
- Wasserfall Oselitze, GC39033
- Christophorus Flugrettung (C7), GC3X7M4
- KIWANIS - Großglockner Mystery, Mystery, GC42ACT
- Großglockner Hochalpenstraße - Da Glockner, GC130VF
- Kehre 22, GC5C0ZJ
- Grossglockner, EarthCache, GC4FXZ2
- WELCOME to Pinzgau 2011 - Lend, GC2W8FV
- Welcome to Wagrain, GC32BV4
- Abseits der Bundesstrasse, GC53ZQW

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Austria: Cycling and Hiking in Bärental

The weather forecast promised a beautiful day, so we decided to do some cycling in Carinthia. We started cycling from Borovlje by the river Drava to Bistrica v Rožu and then the steep part began. Our destination was Klagenfurter Hutte/Celovška koča, 1664 m. From there we continued on foot to Ovčji vrh (Kozjak), 2024 m and from there back to the valley.

Cycling by the Drava river

Commercial for my company

The view to Svačica, 1953 m, and Stol, 2036 m

It was our 2nd time on the devil's path

Chillin' on top of Kozjak

View to North-East with Vgrizeva planina and Poden

Nada and Tuši

Way down was much easier

Cycling (red) and hiking (yellow). 

GeoCaches found:
- Sit down, Multy, GCQYZ8, where I retrieved trackable item "Cacher's Best Friend - Cache Thief Tag", TB6E9CD and visited all next caches today
- Gegrüsset seist Du - Zdrava Marija, GC4RPKE
- Kosiak / Kozjak - 2024m, GC3YR3T,  where I retrieved trackable item "Edelweiss", TB4JGEB and visited all next caches today
- R1 07/08 - Hafen Wellersdorf, GC435JK
- R1 07/10 - Anlegeplatz, GC509XC

Friday, August 28, 2015


Slovenia: GeoCaching on the way home

Like yesterday, we decided to found a couple of GeoCaches on our way home. We visited Cerklje, Strmol Castle and Adergas.

View from the castle

Strmol castle

Annunciation Church in Adergas

GeoCaches found:
- Cerklje, GC47WXT
- Strmol – Dvorje, GC4ZDAV
- Cegelnica, GC3P24G
- PGD Visoko- Milje, GC56DYJ

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Slovenia: GeoCaching on the way home

Nada and me decided to do some GeoCaching after work. We didn't find a lot of them, still we set the record in finding most cache types in a day. We found a Traditional Geocache, Letterbox Hybrid, Mystery Cache and EarthCache.

View to Grmada and Šmarna gora

Shit happens.

The Dovžan Gorge is situated a few kilometres northern from the Tržič settlement  in the heart of the Karawanks. Wild streams of the Tržiška Bistrica river have been excavating a deep gorge for centuries uncovering stones, that bear witness to a long and interesting geological history.

One of the tunnels

Place of our Earthcache

GeoCaches found:
- Lyra's sweet sixteen, Letterbox Hybrid, GC334RN
- QR Mystery #5: Bonus, Mystery, GC4VMK6
- Dovzanova soteska, GC23RHP
- Tržiškobistriško slapišče, EarthCache, GC60BY9

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Slovenia: Hike with Ferrata to Spodnji Plot and Zelenica

Our Society ŠKD Indijanci decided to go to its first ascent on Via Ferrata. We chose the new one, officially still not opened, that leads to Spodnji Plot, 1682 m.

An hour of hiking at the beginning

Entering via ferrata, where we decided for the easier one

It was short, but fun 

Vlado, Peter, Nada, Rok and Tuši at the top

We descended to Dom na Zelenici mountain hut, 1634 m, where we had a couple of refreshment drinks and after an hour we returned back to our cars.

Afternoon recreation

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Trip to Bijeljina

Today was our last day of our short vacation to Bosnia and Herzegovina. We said goodbye to our hosts in Zvornik and we continued to Bijelijina, where we had lunch with another Nada's family members. Soon the family time was over and we started our 6 hour drive home.

Nada with her near family (Čedo, Pero, Mira, Milenko and Divka)

On our way we celebrated 100000 km's on Angie with home made rakia.

GeoCaches found:
- A3 Rest Area - Marsonija - Westbound, GC5BDFB
- A3 - Rest area Lipovljani north, GC5JMNZ
- A3 - Rest area Križ north, GC5JMM0