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Thursday, November 30, 2017


Slovenia: Happy Birthday Nada

Nada again celebrates her 23rd birthday and in the evening we had an easy recreational sledding with a party in our house. We all enjoyed delicious homemade food and drinks. Cheers Nada!

We woke up in the morning with the smell of freshly baked upgraded Belokranjska pogača and fresh white snow.

My nephews came with new beanies, made by Nada's grandma. The new fashion line is called Grandma's Beanie - Babina kapa.

Ascending in fresh snow

Attendees of the birthday sledding: Tilen, Alenka, Aleš, Andreja, Tim, Matic, Klara, Aleš, Rok, Tuši and Nada

A lot of fresh snow made the track very slow

Sledding for Nada's Birthday

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Slovenia: Morning Sledding

Snow conditions are still good, so our society from work organized another sledding event, with Koča na Ljubelju as our destination. Five members of ŠKD Indijanci came early in the morning and we had one our of fun before work.

Sledding time

ŠKD Indijanci: Tuši, Nada, Vlado, Tadej and Saša

Snow can be good for typical sports and also non-typical 

No selfie, no fun

Another awesome morning event

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching around Šmarna gora

Roman (romtim) invited me to find one of the more difficult caches around Šmarna gora and I joined him. We had to find 2 feeders and then locate a cache. We were quite quick at that and then I had to use some climbing skills to reach it. Since our task was finished quickly we decided to visit a cave on the slopes of Šmarna gora, that few people know, called Matjaž cave. We finished the day with a beer.

Hidden feeders

GeoCaches found:
- Krmilnica divjadi, Mystery, GC4RQAB
- Matjaževa jama / Matjaž cave, Mystery, GC3BGXY
- Vmes / In Between, Mystery, GC67HB2

Monday, November 27, 2017


Slovenia: Sledding from Koča na Ljubelju

We haven't have so much snow in November for many years, so with Nada we just had to take the opportunity and we used the conditions for sledding.

Perfect track

When we arrived to the top, the sun went down

Evening sledding

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching "[Trail] Nazaj h koreninam" (Back To The Roots)

It was snowing at the night so GeoCaching wasn't such a good idea, but since I expected, that there is not so much snow on the South, I still decided to go. On my way to Srednja Kanomlja I picked up my first "Webcam cache" and then I started searching for 30 trail caches. On my way towards the highest point, Vrh, 798 m, the snow blanket was thicker and thicker, still due to good spoilers I found all caches. On my way back down the result was a bit worse, since I had to skip 3 of them, still the overall result was good.

The trail also led me to some great places:

  • Kanomlja Water Barriers, built in 1813 for the purpose of floating timber used in the mine.
  • Šturmajce, homestead in Gorenja Kanomlja, one of the most important homesteads in the Idrija region, first mentioned in 1335. Click for more.
  • Pr' Ivaniš, small farm blacksmith shop where the smith used charcoal and forged metal by hand to meet the needs of his own farm and his nearby neighbors for metal items and metalworking services. Click for more.

My first stop was in Logatec, by the church of St. Cross.

Italian Watchtower on Rapallo Border (1920 - 1943 (officially till 1947))

Hiking and Geocaching along the Klavžarica Stream or Revenova grapa

Kanomlja Water Barriers - Water barrier on the Ovčjak or Klavžarica Stream were built in the period from 1812-1813 and restored in the beginning of this century. They were built to provide enormous quantities of wood for the second largest mercury mine on the globe, the Idrija Mercury Mine. The most suitable method of transporting timber to the valley was floating along natural water routes. The Kanomlja water barriers accumulated up to 16000 m^3 of water, which flowed out in 20 minutes, carrying up to 1500 m^3 of timber over a distance of 8 kilometers to Spodnja Idrija, where it was stopped.

Tree on top of my highest point, Vrh, and local dog, that was my companion for half of the track

Panorama from Vrh, 798 m

Sunset from Dolenji Novaki on my way back home

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "P'tit loup", TB6VX64, until it was dropped off):
- Cerkvica sv. Kriza na Taboru, GC2Q8WV
- Rapallo Border 1920-1947 - Italian Watchtower, GC6KEJM
- took a webcam photo at  Zala, GCM0EG
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #1, GC5YCEJ
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #2, GC5YCF2
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #3, GC5YCFB
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #4, GC5YCFZ
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #5, GC5YCG5
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #6, GC5YCGE
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #7, GC5YCGT
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #8, GC5YCGZ
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #9, GC5YCH4
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #10, GC5YCHJ
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #11, GC5YCHW
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #12, GC5YCJ0
- Kanomeljske Klavže, GC5YCJV
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #13, GC5YCK3, where I dropped off trackable item "P'tit loup", TB6VX64
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #14, GC5YCK9
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #15, GC5YCKM
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #16, GC5YCNR
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #17, GC5YD93
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #18, GC5YD94
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #21, GC5YD9A
- Šturmajce, GC5YD9C
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #22, GC5YD9D
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #23, GC5YD9F
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #24, GC5YD9J
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #25, GC5YCMK
- Pr' Ivaniš, GC5YCMD
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #26, GC5YCM0
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #27, GC5YD9P
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #29, GC5YD9R
- [Trail] Nazaj h koreninam #30, GC5YD9T

Saturday, November 25, 2017


Austria: GeoCaching around Celovec

Cloudy day called for some GeoCaching in Austria and I decided to pick some of them around Celovec, mostly the ones, that are accessible with a bit of hiking.

Towards the lookout

View to Celovec


Roundtrip to Stifterkogel

The church of St. Florian in Vetrinj

Treimisch pond

GeoCaches found:
- TB Hotel Karawanken/Loiblpass - Drive In, Letterbox Hybrid, GC75VJP, where I took trackable item "P'tit loup", TB6VX64 and I took it to all caches that I found today and discovered trackable items "Ella", TB62EF8, "NVTaps Tour Bug 3", TB6JJHX and "The traveling koala", TB7JZPK
- Alta Vista of Klagenfurt, GCR7FW
- Ohne Fleiß kein Preis, Mystery, GC4TX6D
- Pfarrkirche St. Florian in Stein, Multi, GC4ACX3
- R4 Wörthersee 92, Mystery, GC74WE5
- R4 Wörthersee 91, Mystery, GC6XTW1
- R 4 Wörthersee 90, Mystery, GC6ZVYK
- Reauz Spaziergang, GC4CZC9
- Petzi Bärs 40 iger, GC5721K
- R4 Wörthersee 83, Mystery, GC6ZVRG
- Olympic Games - Vancouver 2010 Bronze, GC23VEW

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Slovenia: Union Experience

Today Aleš, Aleš, Vlado, Klemen, Primož and me decided to visit the museum of Union brewery. Their words from the web page "Take a walk through the history of the Pivovarna Union brewery, discover their modern production process and savour a glass of cold Union beer." convinced us to experience their journey.

www: https://union-experience.si/en
history: http://www.pivo-union.si/en/company/our-story

We purchased the tickets in the Union pub - www

Old boxes and barrels

First liquid experience took place here in "old" pub

In the museum

First automatic equipment mostly came from Germany

All that beer...

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Slovenia: AO Tržič Closing Party

Alpine Section AO Tržič organizes a closing party every year at the end of the season and so they did it today. I arrived in the evening and first we had a presentation about the expedition to Spantik, 7027 m, a mountain in Karakoram. Later on 2 girls, Barbi and Ana, finished with their basic training course and became trainees. The event finished with the last point in the agenda, miscellaneous.

Dom na Zelenici mountain hut was the place where the event took place

Main chefs of the event, Matic and Nada

Friday, November 17, 2017


Slovenia: Hike to Šmarna gora

One more friday started with morning hike to Šmarna gora with Joško and Zoki.

Rush hour to Šmarna gora wasn't that obvious as the one visible on the motorway

Tuši, Janko and Zoki

Morning hike to Šmarna gora

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Slovenia: Indoor Paintball

After a long time a group of members of ŠKD Indijanci gathered and we decided to try some shooting at each other. We all had great fun playing paintball.

Players: Klemen, Vlado, Miha, Aleš, Peter, Rok, David and Tuši

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Slovenia: Sledding from Ljubelj Pass

Winter is here and afternoons are awesome for sledding. With Nada we immediately tested the track from Koča na Ljubelju mountain hut and it was great.

White fairytail

Half a meter of fresh snow

Selfie time

Racing back to the valley

Sledding for the first time in season 2017/18