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Sunday, September 30, 2018


Austria: Ride to Emergency

Plan for today: morning ride, watch the roller sledding competition, beer and return back home. Plan collapsed at point 1, while I was riding on a macadam road and not paying enough attention on the road. The fence surprised me around the corner, I was too quick and I had to think of a quick scenario what to do. It turned out, that the outcome could've been much much better, well, on the other hand also worse. After a salto over the handlebar I ended up on the road. I got up and I saw my right wrist, deformed, my right shoulder also. Head was OK, so after a while I picked up a bike and tried to ride it with one hand. Well, it didn't work, my left thumb disobeyed. Luckily 2 young guys drove by and after a short talk, they told me they will bring someone to help. Help came quick and they drove me to the competition, since I knew that there is always an ambulance there. They patched me up, gave me some morphine and I was much better. We waited for the 1st run to finish and then they drove me to the finish line, where another ambulance was already waiting for me and took me to the emergency in a hospital LKH Stolzalpe. Couple of X-Ray pictures and we got the diagnosis: broken radius bone in a wrist, separated shoulder (type V) and broken metacarpal bone of a thumb (Bennett's fracture), not to mention the bruises. After they patched me up I waited for an ambulance from Slovenia till the evening and they drove me to a hospital to Jesenice, where I will wait for the surgery. Big thanks to all that helped!

Morning ride

Highest point of the day, where I decided to descent straight  to the roller sledding competition.

The end

Morning ride that didn't end as expected - Garmin Connect

In the hospital LKH Stolzalpe

Saturday, September 29, 2018


Austria: Mountain biking - Motniške Alpe (Metnitzer Alps)

With Nada we joined the Slovenian teams in Stadl an der Mur, that compete in Roller Sledding and for today we decided to go mountain biking. We started along the river Mura and in Sankt Lorenzen ob Murau we left it and started ascending. Soon we reached the sign, forbidden for bicycles. In situations like this it is best just to ignore the sign, move on and act like you didn't see anything. Serpentine road took us to Riegler Lodge (Rieglerhütte), where we had a short break. Nada decided to turn back at this point, while I continued to the top of the ski resort. My first peak was Kreischberg, after a while two-thousander Rosenkranzhöhe and at the end the highest point of the day Kirbisch, the 3rd highest in Metnitzer Alps. For my way back I used the ski slopes and after a while hiking trails. Awesome descent led me straight to our campsite, where we gathered for dinner, roller sledding ceremony and in the end we occupied the city.

Start of the ride in Stadl an der Mur

Along the Mura river on Mur Cycling Path

Short break

 Along the path

 2 short detours for sightseeing

Riegler Lodge - where we went separate ways

Ski resort Kreischberg

Kreischberg, 1981 m, and Black Mamba

Panorama from the top

Rosenkranzhöhe, 2118 m

Kirbisch, 2140 m


Awesome day

Black Mamba posing on the ridge

Let's start riding back

Downhill time

View to River Mur valley and Stadl an der Mur

Esebeckhütte, 1747 m

Nice single trail without people

1st Slovenian Roller Sledding national championship winners

Murauer beer time

Riding in Motniške Alpe - Garmin Connect

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tag", TB6J381 and "In memoriam Travel-Puck Fritz!, TB61X0T):
- #028 - Tour de Mur, GC4X0RJ
- #029 - Tour de Mur, GC4X0RY
- #030 - Tour de Mur, GC4X0T2
- #031 - Tour de Mur, GC4X0T6
- #032 - Tour de Mur, GC4X0TF
- #033 - Tour de Mur, GC4X0TQ
- #034 - Tour de Mur, GC4X0TT
- Der lange Weg zum Hauserersee, Letterbox Hybrid, GC7WYQE
- Der Schwammerlsucher, GC7X1QY, where I dropped off trackable item "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tag", TB6J381

Sunday, September 23, 2018


Austria / Slovenia: Geocaching and Mushroom hunting

With Nada we decided to go geocaching and find a T5 (hardest terrain difficulty) cache, that requires abseiling skills to find it. We drove to Medvedji dol valley in Austria and after a short hike we got to the dam. We found the suitable tree and throw the ropes over the dam and it was time for abseiling. After we located and found the cache we returned back home. In the evening John visited us and we went mushrooming. Someone beat us at our usual spot, still John found his mushroom and we ate it for dinner.

On our way to the dam we also found some caches

We carefully crossed the old bridge

Autumn is here

Short hike through the forest

Finding the proper location

Found it

On the edge of 40 meter high dam

Nada's turn

Exploring the country on our way back


We didn't ate this one

Garmin connect tracks: geocaching 1, geocaching 2 and mushrooming

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "Finden Sie Minden 2012 - Katzensternchen Silber", TB3J0Y3, "In memoriam Travel-Puck Fritz", TB61X0T and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tag", TB6J381 until some were dropped off):
- Wegbegleitung - Der Felsen, GC73XC3
- Wegbegleitung - Der Stamm, GC73XC8
- Wegbegleitung - Die Brücke, GC73XCF
- Wegbegleitung - Der Baumschwammbaum, GC73XCM
- Pontafelsperre, GCYH79, where I placed trackable item "Finden Sie Minden 2012 - Katzensternchen Silber", TB3J0Y3
- Wegbegleitung - Der Parkplatz, GC73XBQ
- Bärental Konglomerat, EarthCache, GC751CM
- s'Bacherl üba da Eisenbåhn, GC54KWN, where I discovered trackable items "CacheMTBiker GRISU", TB62T08 and "Geocaching Car Proxy", TB6ZTCK
- Kirche St. Johann im Rosental, Multi, GC4C0XJ
- Schöpfungsweg St. Leonhard im Loibltal, Multi, GC4A62H
- In memoriam M.M., GC4A71R

Saturday, September 22, 2018


Slovenia: Spodnja Kokra - Davovec - Dom na Gospincu - Spodnja Kokra

Weather forecast: Rain around 10 a.m. everywhere. Since some of us are not made out of sugar, we decided to to a morning hike. Our destination was Dom na Gospincu and maybe even further, but it all depended how much it will rain. We reached our goal, but then the heavy rain started, so extra goals were flushed away and we just returned back to the valley.

Tuši and John, usually 18000 kilometres apart

Ljubljana basin

Davovec - World War 2 memorial site

John, Tuši and Nada

Back to the valley

Hike with John and Nada - Garmin Connect

GeoCache found:
- Male gore, GC4DFPQ, that received a visit by trackable items "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tag", TB6J381, "In memoriam Travel-Puck Fritz", TB61X0T and "Finden Sie Minden 2012 - Katzensternchen Silber", TB3J0Y3