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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


After we woke up, we had a nice breakfast in Penzion Rožič. I must say, that they have a great cook., because yesterday's diner was also very delicious. Then it was time to pay for the accommodation and soon we headed to our crime scene.

Cheap, but very good (price is for 2 people for half board, 1 night)

This weekend was obviously also a lost wallet weekend. Our instructor lost it too last evening, so today we decided, that we will search our paragliding school terrain. Just before the start of the search, one guy said, hey, what is that wallet on top of your car?

He didn't loose it, he just drove it ON the car
So this lost wallet weekend was also lucky in the end. We continued with our paragliding course.


Erik in action

Run Robert, run

And here below you can see a video of our paragliding attempts from Saturday and Sunday. Have fun.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I started the day with a bad feeling, because of my lost wallet yesterday, but I found it in a place, where I parked the car yesterday. Huge luck.

Primož and me continued our way to Bohinj, where we met with others and then we went to our school terrain. The weather was great and it was not too hot, so it was easier to carry gliders up the hill so many times.

Me and Lovro with backpacks

Preparing the glider

Stuck with the ropes

It's also part of paragliding
Me in the action

Our instructor Primož took these
Since we were very thursty, it was time for some rest.

Short break

Our hill and last attempt

It ws time to leave our training terrain. On our way back we passed by a restaurant, named by our south neigbours, Croats.

Restauran Croat
Since we didn't eat all day, it was time to recharge the batteries. Sandwich and Laško were the perfect combination.

Laško charging station?
We went to our classroom in Pension Rožič, where we watched some movies with paragliding theory.

Basic theory course
The official part was over soon, so it was time for a beer or two. Primož, Boštjan, Erik and met in our room. You can see the result.

Laško & Union party in our room

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today after work, Primož, Lovro and me started with our basic paragliding course in Bohinj. Today we had just some talking about it. I think it will be a lot of fun.

On my way back from Bohinj to home I lost my wallet. I will try to find it tomorrow.