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Sunday, July 31, 2022


Romania: Summer Vacation 2022 - Day 4: Exploring Apuseni

Our main destination for this year's summer vacation was Romania and after we spend the night in Apuseni mountains, it was time to explore them. From our campsite Poiana Glavoi we hiked to a meadow Poiana Ponor, which is a closed depression surrounded by high, partially forested peaks and the water drains from it through the sinkholes. We continued to Lumea Pierduta (The Lost World), where we found another 4 sinkholes. After we explored the area, we returned back to our campsite, packed everything up and we moved on. We wanted to continue west, but the road became too bad for our Angie, so we turned around and planed a new route. On our way were the waterfall Cascada Bulbuci, where we did another short hike. Our visit to Apuseni was over, so we just drove to Alba Iulia, where we spend the night.

Previous days of our Summer Vacation 2022: Day 3 - 15780, Day 2 - 15779, Day 1 - 15778.

Eggs for breakfast.

A meadow and a depression called Poiana Ponor. When the snow is melting, the sinkholes hardly drain the water, so we can have a nice lake here.

Bronco spotted some dogs, guarding the sheep, while Nada and me observed the signpost.

Flora and fauna.

Bronco is not a big fan of water.

Cliffs on the Southeast side of the Poiana Ponor.

After a short break, we continued to an area called The Lost World - Lumea Pierduta.

Nada and Bronco.

We chose to go right at the signpost, making our way to Gemănata Sinkhole (Avenul Gemănata). It has a depth of over 100 meters and 20 meters in diameter and it has a small, narrow limestone bridge that unites the edges. The underground river that flows through it goes all the way to the Black Sinkhole  (Avenul Gemănata), our next destination.

Bronco wanted a new companion, but he was to slow to come along.

The name Lost World started to make sense.

The third sinkhole that we visited was the Pionierilor, a small 9 meters wide by 9 meters deep hole.

The last sinkhole, that we visited, was the Covered Sinkhole (Avenul Acoperit) that looks more like a cavern.

We finished the circle trail on Lumea Pierduta with another look at the Gemănata Sinkhole (Avenul Gemănata).

Crossing the creek and waiting for something spectacular to happen. Well, we weren't that lucky.

Back over the Poiana Ponor meadow.

Just over there and we'll be back at our campsite - Garmin Connect.

For now, there are only a few huts at this nice campsite. Hopefully it will remain like this.

We left our campsite and on the way we spotted a nice workshop.

Since the time of the Romans, the fame of the gold in the Apuseni Mountains has been a special attraction. Gradually, over time, until today, the color of gold turned into the green of the forests and pastures that cover the mountains, into the blue of the lakes and rivers with splendid waterfalls, into the white of the limestones that formed some of the most important karst phenomena in Europe and in the red-orange of the mysterious and romantic sunsets that gave the name of these mountains, the Apuseni Mountains - the Sunset Mountains

The road was getting worse and worse, so we stopped one of the cars and they told us, that it is better to turn around with a car like our Angie. And so we changed our plans a little.

Nada, Bronco and Tuši on the way to Cascada Bulbuci.

The upper waterfall.

Bulbuci waterfall is located into a beautiful natural surroundings, on the valley of the same name, left tributary of Boga Valley.

Soon Bronco and me located rappelling carabiners and we immediately knew, that there should be one more waterfall below us, so we decided to explore further.

We were correct as the sign soon revealed itself.

The lower Bulbuci Waterfall (which actually translates to Globeflower) is around 20 meters high.

As I found out later, the waterfall has 3 sections, therefore in Hungarian it is called Három Királyok, namely, Three Kings' Falls.

Slippery rocks or just improper equipment.

We said goodbye to the waterfalls (Garmin Connect) and headed to Alba Iulia, where we booked an apartment.

Geocaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Magic: The Gathering, Rivals of Ixalan Trackable: Vampire Die Bonbon Dose", TB8Q8AY):
- Ponor Glade, GCXEHA
- Geminate Doline, EarthCache, GC8Z1C3
- Gemanata Aven, GC160YP

Saturday, July 30, 2022


Croatia / Hungary / Romania: Summer Vacation 2022 - Day 3: Driving to Apuseni

Our main destination for this year's summer vacation was Romania and today's menu was simple, driving over Hungary to our destination country. We settled in Apuseni mountains in a free camp Poiana Glavoi. Tent, nearby stream, wilderness, cheap beer, although a little crowded are the main attributes of this camp and we liked it.

Previous days of our Summer Vacation 2022: Day 2 - 15779, Day 1 - 15778.

Cooling down under a tree on one of our stops in Salonta.

Our spot in a camp Poiana Glavoi at an altitude around 1100 m.

Chef Tuši and supervisor Bronco in front of our moving vacation house.

Today on the menu, soup.

Cheers to a great start of vacation.

Geocaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Magic: The Gathering, Rivals of Ixalan Trackable: Vampire Die Bonbon Dose", TB8Q8AY):
- M7 95km EAST, GC3122W
- Park & log- Szatymaz west, GC711KW

Friday, July 29, 2022


Croatia: Summer Vacation 2022 - Day 2: Exploring Hrvatsko Zagorje

Nada still needed to work on Friday, so Bronco stayed with her, while I decided to explore Hrvatsko Zagorje. Today I decided to drive to Cvetlin, where I put on my paragliding backpack and started hiking. My first stop were attractive cliffs Velike pećine, also known as Švecova pećina and a cross on it and then I continued to Planinarska kuća Pusti duh mountain hut, unfortunately closed. I moved on and passed the church Sveti Trije Kralji (Three Wise Men) and soon I reached the top of Ravna gora with a pyramid on the top at the altitude of 694 m. My path led me past the take off site to another hut, Filićev dom, also closed at the time of my visit, so I slowly turned around and in a few minutes I was back at my take off site. I spread my wing and soon I was on my way back to the valley.

The day was still young, so I also decided to visit the Trakošćan Castle, that dates back to the 13th century.

Previous days of our Summer Vacation 2022: Day 1 - 15778.

After a few minutes of hiking in the village Cvetlin.

Cross above Velike pećine and Planinarska kuća Pusti duh mountain hut.

Church of the Three Kings and a pyramid of the top of Ravna gora, 694 m.

Stamp on the summit and Zagorska baptistery.

View to Hrvatsko Zagorje.

Peak, 10 minutes or Bar, 10 meters. Hard decision if the bar would be open.

Take off site Ravna gora.

My Tenor was ready.

Wind was OK, I was ready and it's time to fly.

Above Hrvatsko Zagorje.

Perfect place for landing - Garmin Connect. Thumps up for the locals.

My next stop was Trakošćan castle.

The castle is today owned by the Republic of Croatia.

According to a legend, Trakošćan was named after another fortification (arx Thacorum) that was alleged to have stood in the same spot back in antiquity. Another source claims that it was named after the knights of Drachenstein who were in control of the region in early Middle Ages.

Dried out artificial lake Trakošćansko jezero.

I made a nice 6 km circle around the lake - Garmin Connect.

Reunited back at our weekend house.

Geocaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Magic: The Gathering, Rivals of Ixalan Trackable: Vampire Die Bonbon Dose", TB8Q8AY):
- Planinarska kuća Pusti duh, GC898R9
- Piramida na Ravnoj gori, GC5V5NR
- Filičev planinarski dom na Ravnoj gori, GC5V5N0
- Trakošćan 2, Multi, GC53DXJ