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Friday, September 14, 2018


Slovenia: Morning Šmarna gora

Friday. It's been a while, since I joined Grega and Zoki on a morning hike to Šmarna gora and today I finally made it. As always, it was great.

Above the foggy valley

Sunrise #1

Sunrise #2

Another morning hike to Šmarna gora, 669 m

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Slovenia: Ride 2 Work

Another morning event called "Cycling to Work on Thursdays" and another early wakening, nevertheless everything became awesome when you start riding. Today only Grega joined me in Hrastje and together we did a nice ride to work.

Morning in Smlednik and Spodnje Gameljne

Before they became violet

Riding 2 work # 16 in 2018 - Garmin Connect

Sunday, September 09, 2018


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Matizovec - Veliki vrh - Lajb

For a long time I wanted to fly from nearby peak Veliki vrh, 2088 m, and land near our house. Rok and me had perfect conditions today, so we just did it. A little less than 2 hours of hiking, 15 minutes for a short break and setting up the glider and we took off. We followed the Košuta ridge to the West, made some circles below Begunjščica and landed.

Passing Dom na Kofcah mountain hut, 1488 m. Highest visible point is our summit.

All set up for a beautiful day

Hiking part was over

Setting up the gliders on the ridge, just a few meters from the summit

Rok's landing manoeuvre

Saturday, September 08, 2018


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Povlje - Krničarjeva koča na planini Javornik - Povlje

Today's hike & fly organiser was Miha and we decided to hike to Krničarjeva koča na planini Javornik, a pasture below Storžič. Yesterday we celebrated the birth of Lan (Katja's and Čuro's son) and that didn't help much today. Since the wind was still too strong, we were obviously to early at our take-off site. We waited a while and soon the sun set things right and we were ready for take off. After good 15 minutes in stable conditions we landed.

Pasture Krničarjeva koča na planini Javornik, 1390 m

Take off site was quite steep

View to Storžič

Landed in Povlje

Thursday, September 06, 2018


Slovenia: Ride 2 Work

Royal stage of "Cycling to Work on Thursdays" was on the menu today. I left home at 4 a.m. in the morning and with Rok and Grega we met in Preddvor an hour later. On our way to work we conquered Možjanca with Štefanja Gora and a bit later also Šenturška Gora. Past Sidraž and Kamnik we reached our work places.

Just typical 

Grega, Rok and Tuši

Riding 2 work # 15 in 2018 - Garmin Connect

Wednesday, September 05, 2018


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Povlje

Povlje is a small village below Storžič and with Rok and Miha we did an easy morning hike to a meadow, just above the village. From there we decided to fly to the valley, but since the wind wasn't like we expected, only Rok made it to the landing site. With Miha we weren't able to fly over some nearby trees, so we had to land earlier. Even though we didn't fly long, we at least had a short training with our gliders.

Getting ready

Rok was successful

Sunday, September 02, 2018


Slovenia: Climbing in Preddvor

Tim, Matic, Nada and me decided to have a climbing morning in Preddvor. The rock was still a bit wet from the rain, but that didn't stop us and we climbed 3 easy routes, Sonček je, 4a, 19 m, Kosobrin, 4a, 15 m and Tinkara, 4b, 15 m.

Sonček je

Influenced by Nada

Tim and Nada

Basic knot - eight

Tim reached the top of Kosobrin

Swinging time

Uncle and nephews

In Tinkara

Good rock for playing

Solar mobil

Happy birthday sis