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Sunday, July 30, 2017


Slovenia: Cycling and Hiking to Vrtača, Day 2

Yesterday (13953) Nada and me arrived to Dom na Zelenici mountain hut and today Jana prepared us ham and eggs for breakfast and soon we were ready to start hiking towards Suho ruševje. From there we followed the Y route to our Vrtača summit at 2181 meters. After a short photo session we descended on the unmarked route that follows the SE ridge and before noon we were back at Dom na Zelenici mountain hut, where we took our bikes and returned back to the valley, back home.

Below the jammed rock to the summit

New shoes, Five Ten and Salewa

Bled, Tuši, Nada and Stol

PlanikaLeontopodium alpinumEdelweiss is often used as a symbol for alpinism

Descent on the SE ridge

South of Vrtača

Zelenjak (left mountain) and Palec (right mountain) have 2 meters height difference

Seat down and see you at the bottom

2 day cycling and hiking trip in the Karawanks

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Slovenia: Cycling and Hiking to Vrtača, Day 1

With Nada we decided to have a cycling and hiking weekend in the mountains. In the afternoon we took our mountain bikes and started riding down to the valley. We rode through Tržič, Brezje pri Tržiču, Vadiče, Leše, Peračica to Brezje. From there we continued to Moste pri Žirovnici where we entered the Završnica valley and we followed it all the way to its spring. Just before the dark, we arrived to Dom na Zelenici mountain hut, 1536 m, where we stayed over the night.

First gear

Evening break on Koča pri izviru Završnice mountain hut, 1425 m, just below our tomorrow's destination Vrtača

Afternoon cycling trip

GeoCache found:
- Brezje - Marija Pomagaj / St. Mary, GC6PZJ2, where I retrieved trackable item "Little Red Buggy", TB6M50J

Monday, July 24, 2017


Slovenia: Visit from Turkey

After seven years (11402 - 4.8.2010) I received another visit from my CouchSurfing friend Varol. Again he arrived with a motorbike and this time he brought his friend Fatih with him. We spend the evening together with beer and Moussaka. Cheers!

In our "hunter's room"

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Slovenia: Climbing in NŠG - Spominska Srečku Rihterju

In the morning Slavc and me drove to Vršič pass, from where we started a short hike to under the north face of Nad Šitom glava, 2087 m. We geared up and Slavc started to climb and I followed him. The most difficult part had grades VI- and I really struggled to beat them. After good 3 hours we reached the top of the climbing route, Spominska Srečku Rihterju, VI-/V+, 300m. The route is dedicated to Srečko Rihter, member of Akademsko planinsko društvo Kozjak Maribor, who died in Caucasus Mountains on 15.7.1983, after he and his friends climbed some routes in Ullu-Tau.

First pitch

View to nearby peaks

Difficulties began

With blood on my face I reached the top 

Good rock, constant difficulties, bloody rock, happy faces on top and beer for the finish of the great climbing morning - Garmin Connect

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Slovenia / Austria: Riding And Swimming

After work I took my bicycle and we went riding to Austria over a saddle called Jezerski vrh. After exhausting 100 kilometers it was great to jump into the swimming lake in Resnica, where also Matic, Tim and Nada joined me.

Water is fun

Leaving the small island on the lake

My bike Metliška Črnina has a new rider

Still plenty of space in the car

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Slovenia: Hike & Fly: Kriška gora

Another nice start of the day with paragliding. Rok invited me to Kriška gora and in nice conditions we flew back to the valley.

After the hike we prepared our gliders

Took off

My great shoes again with our highest mountain Triglav

Only sky is the limit... or not

Hike (red) and fly (blue)

Tim, Klara and Matic liked it

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Slovenia: Chillin' on Kolpa river

After the short night after yesterday's wedding (13939), Nada and me decided to chill out on a Kolpa river.

Knorček - although it leaks on couple of places it is still a great boat.

With the wind in our chests we really needed to paddle

The grey heron (Ardea cinerea / Siva čaplja)


Camp in Primostek used to have a restaurant, but now the facilities can be used by the Big Berry camp guests only. Since we were desperate for a beer, we got more than a glass for free. Cheers.

Long way through the fields back

As always, Nada insisted on having an ice cream in Semič and after that we stopped in Ivančna Gorica and checked the roman empire milestone. The Roman mile consisted of a thousand paces as measured by every other step, as in the total distance of the left foot hitting the ground 1,000 times. In modern times, Agrippa's Imperial Roman mile was empirically estimated to have been about 1,481 metres in length.

GeoCaches found:
- My neighbor 2, Mystery, GC4VMCF
- Miljnik/Milestone, GC410VR
- Kozlovska sodba, GC3NHHX

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Slovenia: The Čurk's

Nada and me got the wedding invitation from Katja and Grega. Since Nada has some special photography skills, she became the official photographer and me the 1st assistant to the official photographer. Demanding job and nice wedding on different places: MarkovecSnežnik Castle, Saint Helen church in Zemelj and the finishing party in Podzemelj.

Newlyweds with the photographers

Sunday, July 09, 2017


Austria: Lake Turner / Zablaško jezero / Turnersee

After an exhausting Saturday (13932) Nada and me decided to do some easy mountain biking with GeoCaching. Our destination was Zablaško jezero (Lake Turner). Since In Austria people can have private property everywhere, access to the lake was limited, so after we finished with our trail, we drove to Resnica (Reßnig) and enjoyed free refreshment in bathing lake.

Trip with mountain bikes - Garmin Connect 

Many blueberries in the forest

Refreshing water in Resnica

Ressnig pond

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Mount Everest Geocoin", TB5P7BM):
- Drei-Gemeinden-Eck, GC60YKV
- Turnersee-Tour #1, GC6XRKD
- Turnersee-Tour #2, GC6XRKR
- Turnersee-Tour #3, GC6XRM4
- Turnersee-Tour #4, GC6XRM7
- Turnersee-Tour #5, GC6XRMB
- Turnersee-Tour #6, GC6XRMK
- Turnersee-Tour #7, GC6XRMR
- Turnersee-Tour #8, GC6XRMW
- Turnersee-Tour #9, GC6XRN1
- Turnersee-Tour #10, GC6XRN4
- Turnersee-Tour #11, GC6XXTV
- Turnersee-Tour #12, GC6XXTR
- Turnersee-Tour #13, GC6XXTC
- Turnersee-Tour #14, GC6XRN9
- Turnersee-Tour #15, GC6XRNH
- Turnersee-Tour #16, GC6XRP0
- Turnersee-Tour #17, GC6XXT7
- Pfarrkirche St. Primus, GC6Y156
- Turnersee-Tour Bonus, Mystery, GC6Y16X, where I dropped off trackable item "Mount Everest Geocoin", TB5P7BM

Saturday, July 08, 2017


Slovenia: Wedding Picnic

After 10 years, my neighbours Tanja and Borut decided to get married and they did that in a special way. Some highlights:
- they organised a picnic for their birthdays and when the mayor came people found out that it was a picnic for getting married
- the real marriage happened 2 weeks ago with only best mans and their kids present

Hike to Povna peč before the picnic - Garmin Connect

Groom and bride

Wedding picnic