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Sunday, January 31, 2016


Slovenia: Conquering Vrtača

For 2 years we wanted to conquer Vrtača, 2181 m, through "Y ravine - left exit" and also this year we were uncertain about it due to bad weather. In the end we decided to go and Uroš, Vlado, Nada and me were not disappointed. Thanks to Uroš we found the entrance, even-though the visibility was below 50 meters. The ravine itself was quite easy, we just needed to belay on one place, where there was not enough snow for an easy pass. On top it was windy, so we quickly returned to our ravine and we descended to Dom na Zelenici mountain hut, 1536 m.

Start of the heavy part

Selfie on top (Uroš, Tuši, Nada and Vlado)

Three musketeers

Wind playing with snow

Back in the ravine

Fully equipped


Ljubelj - VrtačaDom na Zelenici mountain hut - Ljubelj

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Slovenia: GeoCaching around Radovljica

This Saturday Nada and me used for GeoCaching and exploring the settlements Begunje na Gorenjskem, Moste, Lesce and Radovljica, where we received some new knowledge about Celsuis, air conditioning and about city of Radovljica.

"Turkish Cave", which was already mentioned by J.V. Valvasor, is located near the top of the hill Gojzdašnica, 864 m. The fort was built in the 15th - 16 century and has served primarily as a safe place for children, women and old men at the time of Turkish invasions.

Outside the cave 

The natural pier, atop which Radovljica's Old Town is situated, ends with the parish Church of St Peter, an exquisite example of a Gothic hall church, and renowned for its uniform style of design. It is adorned by beautifully shaped vaults, an angel star and a black marble altar. More.

GeoCaches found:
- Celsius Secrets, Mystery, GC3B7P4
- Turska jama II. / Turkish Cave II., GC36YT6
- Skrivnosti hlajenja / Secrets of Cooling, Mystery, GC2VP1T
- Radovljica - Srednjevesko mesto, Medieval Old Town, Mystery, GC3CDED
- Jaz in moj Lukec, GC66Q02
- Obla Gorica, Mystery, GC2T635
- Deja Vu, Mystery, GC2XGWT

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Slovenia: Crossing from Moste over Brezniške Peči to Smokuški vrh

I guess January is all about hiking. This time we did another one after work. A postponed trip over Brezniške peči, that was planned in December 2015 came on our schedule today. Tadej, Vlado, Primož, Rok and me gathered in Rodine, Aleš's place and from there we drove to Moste, from where we started our ridge hike.

10 days ago we were on this peak, Stol, 2236 m

Aleš and his district

Our first peak, Mali vrh. Idea came out, that we will have a picnic here in the summer.

Aleš, Primož, Tadej, Tuši, Rok and Vlado on Smokuški vrh, 1122 m

View from Sankaška koča, 867 m, to Radovljica

Finish in Rodine with homebrew. See you soon, very soon.

Nice afternoon hike

GeoCache found:
- Smokuški vrh - viewpoint, GC41X1F

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Slovenia: Hike to Povna peč

It was a lazy Sunday and since we had nothing better to do, we went to Povna peč, 1503 m.

Not much snow this year - View to the East

Conditions are the same in Austria

View to the ridge Na Možeh, 1784 m

Afternoon hike to Povna peč

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Slovenia: Hike to Tosc, Kenya Presentation

In the Morning Nada, Rok and me decided to go to mountains, to climb an Eastern Ravine to Tosc, 2275 m. We passed by Planina Konjščica and Na jezercu to Studorski preval, where Nada decided to go back. With Rok we continued with GPS track and off course we came to the wrong place in the end. Since the guy who recorded the track used an easier route on his way up and harder for his way down, we missed it, so we used an easier approach in both directions. No hard feelings, we will just come back next time.

Above Planina Konjščica, 1438 m

On the crossroad "Na jezercu"


From Tosc we had a fantastic view to our highest mountain, Triglav

Another peak was ours

New peak - Tosc, 2275 m

In the evening Nada and me had a presentation about our trip to Kenya, on which you have already been informed here.

Blog of Kenya travel days with Nada:
Pre-Pre DayPre-DayDay1Day2Day3Day4Day5Day6Day7, Day8, Day9, Day10, Day11, Day12, Day13, Day14, Day15, Day16, Day17, Day18, Day19, Day20.

The coat of arms of Kenya features two lions, a symbol of protection, holding spears and a traditional East African shield. The shield and spears symbolize unity and defence of freedom. The shield contains the national colours, representing: black for the people of Kenya, green for the agriculture and natural resources, red for the struggle for freedom and white for unity and peace.

Welcome Drink - Safari Whisky

Around 25 people came to the presentation. Thanks for joining us and your patience.

Friday, January 22, 2016


Slovenia: Morning hike to Begunjščica

Lovro organized a full moon trip with a sunrise to Begunjščica, 2060 m, but we were not that lucky. The Moon was hidden on the South of the mountain and was gone before we reached the ridge. On the other hand, the Sun was too slow for us, so we couldn't wait for hime in degress below 10 °C, but we felt it in the twilight. On another other hand we all had a great time, especially because Nada escorted us half way up to Dom na Zelenici mountain hut, 1536 m.

Rok, me and Lovro on the top ov Begunjščica, 2060 m

Smells like the Sun

Tuši The Great

Just above the fog with a view to Vrtača, 2181 m

Great morning hike with crampons and an ice axe

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Slovenia: Third Traditional Hike to Stol, Hike to Stari Ljubelj

Our traditional hike to Stol, with 2236 meters the highest peak of the Karawanks, that should occur every 2nd Sunday in January was postponed for a week, so we did it today. Vlado, Rok and me were the brave ones and we started hiking from Lake Završnica a little past 6 a.m. First part was apart from cold quite easy. When we arrived to the ridge, the wind started to blow like crazy and the temperature dropped to -15 °C, which was enough for Vlado and he turned around. Rok and me continued to Prešernova koča na Stolu mountain hut, where we hid in the lee side of the hut, warmed up a bit, attached the crampons and quickly ate some fruits. Soon we continued to the peak. The weather there was surprisingly much better and almost without the wind. A quick photo at the top and we headed back to the valley, where we stopped in Valvasorjev dom pod Stolom mountain hut for a quick beer. Another 40 minutes and we were back by our cars, where Vlado was already waiting for us. Another cheers and we all went home.

View to our father, Triglav

View to upper part of Sava valley

At the Prešernova koča na Stolu mountain hut, 2174 m

Stol, 2236 m, and the conquerors Tuši and Rok

View on our way down

3rd traditional hike to Stol

Since Nada stayed at home in the morning we decided to go to Stari Ljubelj, 1370 m, in the afternoon.

5th hike to Stari Ljubelj in 2016. Track.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Slovenia: Hike to Ciprnik and Cross Country Race in Planica

My friend Rok got 2 tickets for the FIS Cross-Country World Cup race in Planica, so we decided to go there. Since everyone normal went there with the car or by bus, we hiked over some hills.

An early start from lake Jasna near Kranjska Gora took us over Dom na Vitrancu and Vitranc to peak called Ciprnik, 1745 m. From there we descended to Planica where we watched the race.

Peak Vitranc, named after the grey hair and grey beard judge, who expelled Bedanc from this area.

View to the new Planica Nordic Center from Ciprnik

Jalovec with surrounding mountains

Cross Country track and Ski Jump Hills

Ticket for the event

Near the finish line

The winner in the men's finals was Federico Pellegrino

Group photo with one of ours, Alenka Čebašek

Sprint (F):                   
 1. S. NILSSON         SWE      2:33,0
 2. A. U. JACOBSEN     NOR        +0,3
 3. H. WENG            NOR         0,5
 4. I. F. ÖSTBERG      NOR         0,6
 5. S. RINGWALD        GER         2,8
 6. G. VÜRICH          ITA        26,7
Sprint (M):                   
 1. F. PELLEGRINO      ITA      2:15,1
 2. B. GROS            FRA        +0,9
 3. R. JOUVE           FRA         1,7
 4. R. JAY             FRA         2,2
 5. G. RETIVYKH        RUS         4,2
 6. S. EISENLAUER      GER         4,2

Another morning hike

GeoCache found:

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Slovenia: GeoCaching around Radovljica, Series Nikita

It was a lazy day, so Nada and me used it for GeoCaching. We decided to pick some of them around Radovljica.

The tree lived a long time

View to the Karawanks and Sava from Ojstra peč

The little church of St. Lambert is a nice example of middle age architecture. It used to be chapel of castle spearmen. The church has been rebuilt in 17th and 18th century.

In the evening we finished with a very deep and unpredictable series Nikita about a rogue assassin that returns to take down the secret organization that trained her.

4 seasons of Nikita were seen

GeoCaches found:
- Avto / Car, Mystery, GC2W19N
- Fuxova brv, GC2Z9YN
- Pecina, GC1V1MX
- Ojstra pec, GC1CPVQ
- Sv. Lambert, Mystery, GC26VRP