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Monday, September 29, 2014


Slovenia: Bicycle trip, Climbing, BD party and Stolen Bicycle

After work I took my Snow White to nearby hill, called Soteški hrib, 406 m.

Radar station on top of the hill

After the short trip Nada joined me and we went climbing on a wall (Called Roman Wall) in Ljubljana. I tested my new climbing shoes and I like them.

Climbing from right to the left and back if you have strength

After the climbing we visited my co-worker Vlado. Since he had a birthday, we stayed a bit longer, ate and drank. Everything was great until the point, where we decided to leave. When we got outside, my bicycle, my Snow White was gone. Some bastard stole her. I reported the incident to the police, but the bikes are usually gone forever.

Last ride with my Snow White. I miss you already. We did amazing 3.619,94 kilometres this year.

My Snow White. If you see her, contact me, you won't regret it.

Goodbye My Love Goodbye - Demis Roussos

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Slovenia: Šentanski dnevi (Saint Anna Days), Last Day

Our village Podljubelj, also known as Sveta Ana (Saint Ana), organizes some events in September, that last for the whole week, and today we had the last day.

Our first event of the day was the hike through the valley, where we stopped by at some interesting places, like the local church that was mentioned already in the 14th century, mercury mine, concentration camp and our local guide Nejc explained some interesting things to us.

The church was first mentioned in 1399. It is one-nave church with the Late Gothic presbytery which has three-eight conclusion dated 1519. The nave was most probably baroqued in the 18th century. Stained-glass windows were created by Stane Kregar in 1964. The statue of Saint Anne on the main altar was created by Vinko Ribnikar in 1957.

Our second stop was the Mauthausen Memorial park. The park is situated at the location where the Ljubelj concentration camp (part of Mauthausen) once stood. The camp was built to house the prisoners who were charged with carving out a 1.5km long tunnel through the Karawanks mountain range.

Next to the Mauthausen Memorial park, in the nearby restaurant, we visited the memorial room with an exhibition consisting of the prisoners' personal belongings, the tools they used and photographs of the camp and its detainees.

We continued down the valley and we ran into this guy. His name is Fičo.

Our next stop was the mercury mine. Cinnabar was found in our village around 1560. The operation of the mine and its exploitation changed several times. The mine stopped working in 1902.

We went into one of the tunnels, called Anton's tunnel.

Our hike finished at local Camping place, where we continued with our events.

Hike with the locals in our village

Our second event was Obstacle Challenge with many interesting tasks. We competed as pairs, but to spice things up a little, the pairs were randomly appointed.

Track tour and explanation of the rules


Me and my co-competitor Vizo

The last event was the football match, Young vs. Old.

I scored the only goal for the Old ones, unfortunately it was in our net. The final score was 5:0 for the Youngs.

Obstacle Challenge Podium

Results of the Obstacle Challenge competition (teams with a kid or a woman in the team got a 10% bonus of the best time achieved):
StandingsName and SurnameTime achievedbonusFinal time
1Krašovec TomažSkočir Neja-10 %3:32:25
2Nemc RomanMeglič Miha3:44:133:44:13
3Kožuh MetodMeglič Aleksander3:59:413:59:41
4Janc DejanKrašovec Sebastjan-10 %4:13:56
5Skočir DamjanaKralj Borut-10 %4:14:35
6Vešligaj MarijanVizjak Boštjan
7Ahačič NikaŠtamcar Primož-10 %4:20:31
8Meglič JožiNik Nedeljko-20 %4:26:20
9Srečnik TamaraKnific Jan-10 %4:26:36
10Kralj TanjaJanc Lovro-20 %4:27:26
11Lindav MihaVizjak Darja-10 %4:34:44
12Nemec BoštjanKrašovec Mojca-10 %4:44:48
13Nemc MaticNemc Jože
14Dragičevič UrhKralj Žiga-10 %5:39:29
15Golmajer IrenaKralj Vid-20 %5:47:32

Saturday, September 27, 2014


SloveniaCroatia: Cycling from Ljubljana to Hrvatsko Zagorje

We had a small family gathering in Prigorje, Hrvatsko Zagorje, where my dad has a vineyard cottage, modified now in a small weekend house. Nada and me decided to go there with bicycles.

Nice day for Riding

Saint Peter and Tuši 

Riding near Lake Slivnica, made in year 1976 by the damming of Dobrina and Ločnica stream.

Welcome to Krapina-Zagorje County in Croatia

Mini town near Desinić with the real and the small Veliki Tabor Castle

When we arrived, we picked up the Dog Rose fruits for tea

GeoCaches found:
- Trojane, GC1TAHH
- Kip sv. Petra, GC59FJV
- Cerkev sv. Maksimiljana, GC3EWW0
- Mini selo, GC5ARTY
- Desinić, GC5B7QW

Friday, September 26, 2014


Slovenia: Morning ride with bicycle from home to work

In the morning I decided to go to work with my bicycle, Snow White. Low temperatures bothered us a little, but we didn't give up.

It was very cold in the morning, all the way down to 2.2 °C

Cycling: Home - Naklo - Hrastje - Smlednik - Tacen - Trzin

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Slovenia: Gift from Montenegro

Thanks Bonja and Stane

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Slovenia: Afternoon Bicycle trip East of Ljubljana

After work Nada and me did another bicycle trip. This time we headed East from Ljubljana and we rode through villages Orle, Podmolnik, Češnjica, Zagradišče, Besnica and Podgrad. On the way we picked up a couple of GeoCaches.

Never thought there is a plane in Šentvid, Ljubljana

We found a very strange monument on the way

Afternoon cycling with GeoCaching

GeoCaches found:
- Obvozna proga IX: Postaja Crnuce, GC343XB
- Obvozna proga VII: Opazovalni stolp, GC3AG19
- Letalo v Sentvidu, GC36PNF
- Escape from the city - to the middle of a motorway, GC1PCHB
- "Tam kjer sonce vzhaja", GC4WN2W
- Ne moti ljubezni, GC4VG75
- Fabianijev most/Fabiani's bridge, GC3V6VN
- Another point of interest in Ljubljana, GC2Z8RQ

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Slovenia: Weekly Hike: Kanonir - Kozji vrh - Turni - Kozji vrh

Our sport and cultural society ŠKD Indijanci went on a forty-fifth morning hike (56th overall). This time we also had a little longer hike, like the previous time. We started from Kanonir, 750 m, and we headed straight to our main goal, Kozji vrh, 1628 m. On our way back to our starting point, we did a short detour to Turni, 1432 m.

On top of Kozji vrh

Attendees: Vlado, Tuši and Grega

On top of Turni

ŠKD Indijanci - Outdoor Recreation #56

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Slovenia: ŠD Podljubelj: Streetball and 3-Points Tournament

Our local Sport Society ŠD Podljubelj organized two more events. First one was streetball and after that we had a competition in shooting a ball through the basket hoop. Women and Kids were competing in same category from free throw line and Guys were competing from 3-point line.

Spectators and players waiting for action

Streetball action photos


Best 3 teams were: 1st Torpedos from Podnart, 2nd KUD Ampus and 3rd Levčki from Križe

Competition continued with shooting

Kolaz from shooting

Women and Kids: 1st Sebastjan Krašovec, 2nd Tanja Kralj and 3rd Lovro Janc

Men: 1st Tuši, 2nd Dejan Janc and 3rd Miha Lindav, all made in the best year 1979

Women and Kids:
Competitor:Final place:
1Krašovec Sebastijan1.
2Kralj Tanja2.
3Janc Lovro3.
4Kralj Vid4.
5Kralj Žiga5. to 8.
6Hribernik Patricija5. to 8.
7Meglič Joži5. to 8.
8Krenner Nataša5. to 8.

Competitor:Final place:
1Vešligaj Marijan1.
2Janc Dejan2.
3Lindav Miha3.
4Gros Joža4.
5Dežan Anže5. to 6.
6Kožuh Metod5. to 6.
7Bizjak Anže7. to 8.
8Štamcar Primož7. to 8.
9Ahačič Matej9. to 12.
10Gregorčič Slavko9. to 12.
11Kralj Borut9. to 12.
12Mikulič Anže9. to 12.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Slovenia: AO Tržič: Newbies on first tour to Storžič

On Thursday I joined the opening meeting of AO Tržič (local alpine climbing association) and today we had our first climbing tour. After the tour I will decide if I will join their alpine school or some other. Nada also had time and she decided to join us.

First tour, first problems. Nada forgot her climbing harness and I couldn't find mine. Luckily my friend Boštjan had two of them and he lend them to us. Second problem was found on the meeting point. I forgot my camera (Srečko) and GPS (Jože). There was no time to go back, so we continued without them.

Our first tour was Kramar's route on Storžič, 2132 m. Details of the route:
  • Difficulty: IV/I-II
  • Length: 615 m
  • First climbed by: J. Avsec, R. Kramar, N. Salberger, 1938
Every trainee had his own instructor and we all successfully climbed to the top.

Helmets, harnesses, and other important instructions before the climbing part.

Towards Storžič

Our destination

Our group

Near the top

Few more meters

We descended via Škarjev rob back to Dom pod Storžičem mountain hut, 1123 m.

In the afternoon me and my friends had a party at so called "Tennis place". We ate, drank, ...