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Saturday, December 24, 2022


Slovenia: Planina Korošica

After the yesterday's party, Bronco and me decided to do a regeneration hike to mountain pasture Planina Korošica.

Near the lead and zinc mine Korošica. The remains of the former smelter can still be seen.

I was too slow for Bronco.

New smell.

Returning back to the valley - Garmin Connect.

Friday, December 23, 2022


Slovenia: Koča na Dobrči

Chera Hiking organised a closing party. Since both Nada and me were invited, we decided to join the crew on Koča na Dobrči mountain hut. Cheers!

Rudolf came to the party - Garmin Connect.

Thursday, December 22, 2022


Slovenia: Prelaz Ljubelj

Nada, Bronco and me decided to have a quick hike to nearby Prelaz Ljubelj and we enjoyed those minutes on the snow.

Nada, Bronco and Tuši.

My 43rd hike - Garmin Connect.

Sunday, December 18, 2022


Slovenia: Backcountry Skiing - Kok and Lepi vršič

Karnijske Alpe - Carnic Alps offer nice backcountry skiing options and Chera Hiking invited us to 2 peaks, Kok - Monte Cocco and Lepi vršič - Cima Bella. Quite a big group gathered at the starting point and the we split into 2 groups, one continued with skis, while the second one with Nada and Bronco continued with snowshoes, well Bronco was without any gear. Some of us decided to conquer Kok (Monte Cocco) and then we all regrouped on Lepi vršič (Cima Bella) - 1912 m. Skiing back down was fun and almost at the end we stopped for a beer in Agriturismo da Rosič.

Part of the group on skis.

Following the predecessors.

Tuši in the lead.

We regrouped with snowshoers.

Will the moon affect us?

Badžo at the top of Kok - Monte Cocco - 1941 m.

You don't see Badžo often making photos.

Tuši on the summit.

From Kok we descended back to the saddle and then we continued to Lepi vršič.

View from Lepi vršič.

Above the clouds.

Nada, Bronco and Tuši.

Chera Hiking.

Time to go back - Garmin Connect.

Geocache found:
- On the way to the top - Mt. Cocco, GC5PFHW

Saturday, December 17, 2022


Slovenia: Let 3

Let 3 is an alternative rock band from Rijeka, Croatia and since Nada and me like their songs we decided to attend a concert in Orto bar, Ljubljana. Let 3 was formed in Rijeka in the late 1980s. The band soon gained a reputation for their unprecedented, controversial and sometimes obscene performances, exemplifying the eclectic nature of Rijeka's music scene.
Ticket for the Let 3 concert in Orto bar.

Quite a small venue was great, as we were close to the stage and a bar.

Rock evening.

Setlist of the concert: CLICK.

Let 3 - Ero s onoga svijeta

Let3 - Dijete U Vremenu V2

Let 3 - Riječke Pičke

Friday, December 16, 2022


Slovenia: Below Korošica

Today's daily Bronco's hike took us to the north, below Korošica. We were searching for a mine entrance, but Bronco found a waterfall.

Bronco says: Hey human Tuši, is this what you are looking for?

Human Tuši says: No Bronco, it is not. But you found a nice waterfall. And they continued - Garmin Connect.

Sunday, December 11, 2022


Slovenia: Pokljuška soteska Gorge

The Sunday wasn't so beautiful, so we decided to visit an attraction on lower altitude and our choice was wild Pokljuška soteska gorge, located in Triglav National Park. The Pokljuka plateau is a treasure trove of natural wonders, the most striking of which is the Pokljuka Gorge. This nearly 2 kilometres long ravine is a remnant of the former stream which, at the end of the last Ice Age, during the melting of the glaciers, cut up to 50 metres deep into the limestone slopes above Radovna. The waters gradually retreated and the stream withdrew into the underground, leaving behind the largest dry-fossil gorge in Slovenia.

The Pokljuka Gorge features a variety of formidable Karst formations such as natural bridges, overhanging rock walls, and caves.

Tourists of the day: Nada, Bronco and Tuši.

The best known attraction of the area is the Pokljuka Hole: a short shaft-like traversable cave which boasts three natural windows and two entrances. It has long been used as an easy passage to the Pokljuka tunnels and the more level terrain of the mountain pastures of the Pokljuka plateau above.

Searching for a geocache in the cave. Bronco is well trained for that, so we had no issues.

In the Pokljua hole.

Steep exit and we are back on snow.

Entering the narrowest part.

Bronco wasn't too happy, but he managed.

Gallery of wooden bridges called "The Galleries of Prince Andrew" or "galerije kraljeviča Andreja" were built back in 1930 by the locals. The prince mentioned here refers to Andrej Karađorđević.

Exploring the gorge.

Selfie time.

Cold day. Time to put the gloves back on.

One more narrow section.

Finishing our short but very interesting trail - Garmin Connect.

Geocaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Bicycle Geocoin", TB6P7HF):
- Pokljuska luknja - Pokljuka gorge, GC25MWN
- Pokljuška soteska / Pokljuka gorge, EarthCache, GC2AHXG