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Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Xmas.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010




Today basketball club Union Olimpija was playing again in Arena Stožice. They were playing against CSKA Moscow and Russians were better on their first match this year in Moscow, score was 65:55.
This time we were better and full hall was with our guys.
Game highlights

Guests came close to our team only in third quarter, but then again Goran Jagodnik, 36 years old guy from Koper,  scored 6 points and the victory was ours and home arena still hasn't been defeated. Here is the report in Slovenian.

81:72 (19:15, 26:17, 12:24, 24:16)
Ožbolt      22     Voroncevič    18
Markota     17     Gordon        11
Pinkney     16     Langdon        9
Gregory      8     Smodiš         7
Jagodnik     8     Holden         7
Ilievski     5     Kurbanov       6
Šermadini    5     Šved           5
                   Sokolov        4
                   Šiškauskas     3
                   Bikov          2


Stork brought Sara to my friends Andrej and Ana. Their 2 year old daughter Eva was also born on the same day two years ago.
For every newborn we usually drink to his health here and Sara was not an exception. We had health session in Bistro Školjka and here are some pictures.




Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The best commercial for Slovenia.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


And you can make your own story on youtube here:
f... will probably be your first.
loves, marries
hits, scares, hates

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I am officially dumb. Just removed my last wisdom tooth. Who knows now to which direction my life will turn.


Kralj, my neighbour, and me went to Dolenjska, where my ex-coworker Domen lives. His father has a vineyard and a cellar in Lisec and a very good Cviček.
Quite a winter here

We were prepared for the worse to get the wine

Still empty
The road was still covered with snow, so we had to put snow chains on and then we were able to reach the wine cellar. Domen's mother cut some cheese and salami and cooked some white wine. After that we went to the cellar and we started filling our canisters.

They look much better when they are full

View to the country

Lisec and wine cellar with house
Kralj had to be home soon so we started soon after noon.

Luckily, the day was not finished yet. In the evening we decided to try the wine and prosciutto, home made from Primorska.
Vid was helping me to cut it

We used a special table from the garage to fix the leg

The king of the animals


Slovenia, It's time to be digital.
Slovenia turned off analog TV transmitters, but obviously that thing didn't happen to our village. So our only difference is, that from now on we have only two bad programmes instead of three.
God bless all who were involved in this.
still not working @ Podljubelj
But never mind. December started and we found the reason to celebrate the beginning of happy december in digitalization.



After three weeks of seminars and presentations of Mentor Graphics it was finally over. An the finish couldn't be better. We went out to Kmečki hram, Tomačevo, where we had lunch, a very good one.
We started with mushroom soup

Waiting for the main dish with wine called Teran

Veal meat - calf's leg was just great

For the desert we had prekmurska gibanica.
It started to snow outside and we started to throw some snowballs at eachother.
18 till I die

After the great meal we wanted to say goodbye with our colleague John Justice from New Zealand (in Slovenian called Janez Pravica), but we just couldn't, so we went to The Old London pub, where we drank one beer, yes, only one. We had a mixture of lager and dark beer from Czech Republic, Budvar brewery.
Still not enough for skiing

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Some funny stuff from today.


I don't know when we went to bed, but morning came very early.
Sleeping stars

Our new bus driver
After the breakfast we went to Murska Sobota, to off-road and skill driving competition. Polygon Španik entertained us. We started with driving on slippery surface and sudden movement of back end of the car. Then we also had to drive in a reverse gear with help of the mirrors.
Pirgo was in my team
After the first task we had slalom with a car without rear tyres.
Gypsies took the rear tyres

No, it is not commercial for Dipo
 Our last task was off-road driving.
Lovro in action

Safe driver always adjust the mirror. Yes, it's Primož.
And after all 3 events we went home.
A short movie from last two days.


After 2 weeks of studying Mentor Graphics friday came. Me and some guys from our company decided to join EBV Elektronik customer event 2010. Lovro, Primož, Primož and me drove to Prekmurje. Our destination was hotel Vivat in Moravske Toplice, where we had some presentations from many companies. I will write them down for you. Avago TechnologiesSTMicroelectronics, Spansion, Vishay, Texas Instruments, National Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies, NXP Semiconductors, OSRAM and ISSI. After all day presentations and some breaks and lunch, it was time for dinner, wine tasting and off course a late night partying.
Tadej and Primož are carefully listening

Lovro and Primož

Me and Primož

EBV Slovenia team

Old friends

Still looking good

If I could only remember what was so funny


At this point the world was without problems. Where did I buy the jacket?
Singing at 3 a.m. in the morning

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My friend Dejan had a great idea and he invited me for basketball couple of days ago. Klemen also joined us. We went to our new hall in Ljubljana, Arena Stožice, opened on 10th of August 2010. We watched a basketball match between Union Olimpija and Valencia.

Arena Stožice

Our guys, Union Olimpija
Game started. Guests escaped for a few points in the beginning. First quarter ended 13:21.
Our guys were playing in white

In action
The second quarter was much better and the halftime score was 35:32. Home team was finally leading.

You don't see them on TV, because you have commercials

Third quarter ended 19:18 for our guys, so we went into last quarter only with +4 points.
End of the game

And we won
Last couple of minutes were very dramatic, but 2 points stayed at home. Match ended 72:68 for Union Olimpija and 13.000 spectators went to their homes very happy.
Ticket will be valid also for the next two matches
In the end I also have to say big thanks to Tjaša for lunch, nice afternoon and a wonderful couch.

Report from the match in slovenian on rtvslo.si.

72:68 (13:21, 22:11, 19:18, 18:18)
Pinkney    14      De Colo     16 
Jagodnik   12      Cook        13 
Šermadini   8      Javtokas    12 
Gregory     8      Martinez     9 
Ilievski    8      Claver       8 
Ožbolt      7      Savanović    8 
Salin       6      Pietrus      1 
Perry       4      Simeon       1 
Anagonye    3                     
Vrkić       2                     
 Prosti meti: 26/34; 23/33        
 Met za dve:  14/31; 16/32        
 Met za tri:   6/22; 3/15         
                 37; 27