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Monday, June 29, 2020


Austria: With Motorbikes to Via Fertata in Rožca creek

Nada and me extended our short vacation and we decided to take a tour with our motorbikes. We rode across the border to Austria, following the Rož valley (Rosental) to Stari Grad (Altfinkenstein), where we parked our Horsie and Thunder. We took our via ferrata gear and started hiking towards the Rotschitza waterfall, where the B/C via ferrata begins. We followed the Rožca creek and the steel wire ropes for around 130 vertical meters and quickly we were at the end of the via ferrata. Nice, interesting, but short fun was quickly over and we returned back to our bikes. On our way back we made a short detour to Lake Wörth (Vrbsko jezero) and before it started to rain, we were back home.

Half an hour hike to the start of the via ferrata.

 We geared up below the Rotschitza waterfall.

Warming up. 

The orientation is very easy. Just follow the stream and steel wire rope.

Along the Rožca creek.

From the right bank to the left one.

Great escape from hot summer days.

Via ferrata set above the creek.

Plenty of water.

Many waterfalls.

Short, but very interesting fun ended in 30 minutes - Garmin Connect.

From Baumgartnerhof we had a nice view to Baško Lake / Lake Faak.

There aren't many places near the lake, where you can actually reach the shore.

Wörthersee is Carinthia's largest lake.

Thunder and Horsie near Vrbsko jezero / Wörthersee.

Abandoned farm near the border.

Found a new friend on the way.

Last stop before entering Slovenia.

Geocaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "remotesearchers GLOBALBUG", TB2R0H6 and "Mega Signal",  TB8MH0P):
- Druidenland & Wasserfall, GC1514A
- A View to Relax, GC6N93V
- R 4 Wörthersee 13, Mystery, GC6YAKX
- R 4 Wörthersee 35, Mystery, GC6YMKR

Sunday, June 28, 2020


Slovenia: Flying from Mangart Saddle

Our vacation near Nadiža river ended and for the last day we decided to drive to Mangart Saddle via highest road in Slovenia - Mangart Road. From the saddle, Rok and me used our gliders and we flew back to the valley, to Log pod Mangartom, while Ana and Nada decided to enjoy the view on the top and pick some flowers for the tea. After the nice flight we all regrouped in Kranjska Gora.

Preparing the glider on the saddle.

Great sunny day.

View to Jalovec
Plenty of space on the take off site, still we were standing on the top of steep rock face.

View towards Loška Koritnica, a picturesque valley in the Triglav National Park.

Rok's take off. 

In the air.

I followed Rok.

Run Tuši, run.

And we are flying.

Above deep valley with many two-thousanders.

Flying in front of a wall rock called Loška stena. 

Goodbye Ana and Nada.

Flying towards Log pod Mangrtom.

View from my seat.

Rok an Tuši.

Hook's right risers.

Approaching the landing site.

In the arms of the mountains.

View to take off site and Mangart.

We were to early to get some thermal lift.

Niviuk Hook and Nova Ion 3.

Classic shoe photo.

Rok is approaching the designated landing site.

We both successfully landed - Garmin Connect.

Geocache found:
- Rudniški predor Štoln, GC6Q7ZQ, that received a visit by trackable items "remotesearchers GLOBALBUG", TB2R0H6 and "Mega Signal", TB8MH0P