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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Austria / Slovenia: GeoCaching around Vrbsko jezero / Lake Wörth / Wörthersee, Narisani in Beer Pub in Kranj

After 4 days on the bike and some hiking I decided to do some GeoCaching. My destination was lake Vrbsko jezero and for the whole day I cycled around and I picked up 66 GeoCaches. My new personal best in a day.

In the evening we decided to go to a pub in Kranj, where we listened to the music of a great band called Narisani.

Lake Vrbsko jezero is Carinthia's largest lake.

Autumn colors 

View over the lake to south and Jedvovca (Pyramidenkogel).

Until the 19th century the lake was called "Werdersee" (cf. Old High German weride: "island" or "ait"), i.e. "Island Lake", but also Klagenfurt Lake or Velden Lake (as in Slovene: Vrbsko jezero).

Narisani - Drive My Car

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Kikker", TB7VMDY until it was dropped off):
- R4 Wörthersee 87, Mystery, GC6ZVX5
- Canale Grande, GC2TMA0
- RW Sattnitz 01, GC63FET
- RW Lendkanal 06 GC63FDW
- R 4 Wörthersee 89, Mystery, GC758YM
- R4 Wörthersee 84, Mystery, GC6ZVTN
- R 4 Wörthersee 77, Mystery, GC758V4
- R 4 Wörthersee 76, Mystery, GC6ZTBB
- R 4 Wörthersee 75, Mystery, GC6ZR3A
- R 4 Wörthersee 70, Mystery, GC6ZQY9
- R 4 Wörthersee 69, Mystery, GC6ZQV0
- Wer suchet der findet, GC4VHBE, where I dropped off trackable item "Kikker", TB7VMDY
- R 4 Wörthersee 65, Mystery, GC6ZPCH
- R 4 Wörthersee 64, Mystery, GC6ZN6Y
- R 4 Wörthersee 63, Mystery, GC6ZN67
- R 4 Wörthersee 62, Mystery, GC6ZN5G
- Schnappi oder Sachsi!, GC3VKAF
- Die Vermessung der Welt, GC4VEJE
- R 4 Wörthersee 61, Mystery, GC6ZN3Y
- R 4 Wörthersee 60, Mystery, GC6ZN3B
- R 4 Wörthersee 53, Mystery, GC6YYZ3
- R 4 Wörthersee 52, Mystery, GC6YYYC
- Das ist doch alles für die Katz, GC52N4Z
- R 4 Wörthersee 51, Mystery, GC6YYXZ
- R 4 Wörthersee 50, Mystery, GC6YYXB
- R 4 Wörthersee 49, Mystery, GC6YYW5
- R 4 Wörthersee 46, Mystery, GC6YYRW
- R 4 Wörthersee 45, Mystery, GC6YX2W
- R 4 Wörthersee 44, Mystery, GC6YX2B
- R 4 Wörthersee 42, Mystery, GC6YW4T
- R 4 Wörthersee 39, Mystery, GC6YW6Q
- R 4 Wörthersee 34, Mystery, GC6YMKD
- R 4 Wörthersee 33, Mystery, GC6YMHF
- R 4 Wörthersee 32, Mystery, GC6YMGX
- R4 Wörthersee 31, Mystery, GC6YKHX
- R4 Wörthersee 27, Mystery, GC6YKEK
- R 4 Wörthersee 26, Mystery, GC6YK12
- R 4 Wörthersee 25, Mystery, GC6YK00
- R 4 Wörthersee 23, Mystery, GC6YJR7
- R 4 Wörthersee 19, Mystery, GC6YJ4H
- R 4 Wörthersee 18, Mystery, GC6YJ45
- R 4 Wörthersee 17, Mystery, GC6YBTH
- R 4 Wörthersee 11, Mystery, GC6YA6N
- Radlpause in Velden, GC3DVNX, where I spotted trackable item "Grandpa", TB4DA22
- kUNSTpUNKT II reloaded, GC2JFM7
- R 4 Wörthersee 16, Mystery, GC6YBT6
- R 4 Wörthersee 20, Mystery, GC6YJDH
- R 4 Wörthersee 21, Mystery, GC6YJND
- R 4 Wörthersee 22, Mystery, GC6YJPC, where I spotted trackable item "Geocaching – 10 Years Geocoin", TB5H65A
- R4 Wörthersee 28, Mystery, GC6YKFR
- R4 Wörthersee 29, Mystery, GC6YKGF
- R4 Wörthersee 30, Mystery, GC6YKHB
- R 4 Wörthersee 36, Mystery, GC6YVTW
- R 4 Wörthersee 37, Mystery, GC6YVVR
- R 4 Wörthersee 47, Mystery, GC6YYTW
- R4 Wörthersee 48, Mystery, GC6YYVD
- R 4 Wörthersee 54, Mystery, GC6YYZR
- R4 Wörthersee 55, Mystery, GC6YZRW
- R 4 Wörthersee 56, Mystery, GC6YZTC
- R 4 Wörthersee 57, Mystery, GC6Z003
- R 4 Wörthersee 58, Mystery, GC6Z00K
- R 4 Wörthersee 59, Mystery, GC6ZN2W
- R 4 Wörthersee 66, Mystery, GC6ZPDG
- R 4 Wörthersee 71, Mystery, GC6ZQYG
- R 4 Wörthersee 72, Mystery, GC6ZQZ3
- R 4 Wörthersee 79, Mystery, GC6ZTHP

Monday, October 30, 2017


Slovenia: Lower Martuljek Waterfall and Bivouac under Špik

After cycling for 3 days Nada and me decided to do some easy hiking. First we found 2 geocaches and then we went to visit Lower Martuljek Waterfall. Easy hike from Gozd Martuljek took us to beautiful 29 m waterfall, that continues to fall for 25 m in more smaller waterfalls. Soon we continued towards the Bivouac under Špik, 1424 m, which was our highest point today. We returned back via detour to "Izvir pri Mrzlih vodah" (Spring at Cold waters), unfortunately dry, but we could hear the water running underground. Our hike was finished in a hut "Pri Ingotu".

Visited old abandoned ski jumping hills "Pri Kureju"

Through the gorge towards the waterfall

Lower Martuljek Waterfall

Easy Autumn hike

1 more hour

Julian Alps are gorgeous

Last stop before the final ascent

Oltar, 2621 m, Špik, 2472 m and Frdamane police, 2284 m

Bivouac under Špik

Finally arrived

Izvir pri Mrzlih vodah (Spring at Cold waters) - depending on the amount of water the spring can look very differently. The water can pour out or the rocks can be overgrown with moss and water maybe only leaking over it. This is the origin of the name the locals use for the waterfall - "Mahovi" (Moss).

Finžgar chapel at the meadow Jasenje

Back in the valley

Martuljek group is the subgroup of beautiful Julian Alps and it is one of its most beautiful parts.

In the mid-60s of last century each summer the three owners moved to Jasenje for a fortnight and manually mowed the meadows. They led the last mowing in the mid-70s. When even the livestock stopped grazing, the pasture was abandoned. Hay lofts fell apart, meadows overgrew. Ingo, the descendant of one of the owners, started reviving the pasture in 1992. He combined agriculture with tourism. He and his family started writing a story of living in symbiosis with nature, producing their own food and offering it to their guests.

Nice easy hike on new terrain

GeoCaches found:
- VOJNA ZA SLOVENIJO #3: Predor Karavanke, Mystery, GC3HBWK
- Martuljek Tour A - Lower Martuljek Waterfall, GC1XZB5
- Martuljek Tour E - Pod Špikom, GC1XZA4
- Martuljek Tour C - Mahovi, GC1XZEE, where I retrieved trackable item "Kikker", TB7VMDY

Sunday, October 29, 2017


Slovenia: STKP: Part 3

STKP stands for Slovenian Mountain Bike Route and with Nada we decided to cycle part of it during this so called Potato holidays. The whole route consists of 111 checkpoints and is around 1800 kilometres long with 50000 ascend meters.

We woke up in the cold morning and a little past 6 a.m. we were already on our bikes, riding from Ribniška koča mountain hut, 1507 m (checkpoint 88), towards the highest peak of Pohorje, Črni vrh (Black peak), 1543 m, where the ground was still frozen. Our next stop was Grmovškov dom mountain hut, 1371 m (checkpoint 89), still closed in the morning so we just continued to Koča Planinc mountain hut, 1010 m (checkpoint 90), where the temperature started to increase. We just stamped our logbooks and continued descending back to the valley where we reached today's lowest point in Vuzenica. Since here was also a market we stopped for breakfast and rested for a while. Our road continued again uphill to Pernice (checkpoint 91) and to Dom na Košenjaku mountain hut, 1169 m (checkpoint 92). We were already tired, so we decided just to descent to Dravograd and then go back home. This time we use the bus to get us to Ljubljana.

Previous stages of STKP: Stage 1, Stage 2.

Ovčarjevo Forest reserve details below Črni vrh

On the highest peak of Pohorje, Črni vrh, 1543 m

Mountain biking on top of Pohorje

Descending in a freezing morning

Kope ski resort

STKP offers great roads all the time. Suitable also for trekking bikes.

Old warehouse

Out of the recommended track

Ski started to clear up and it was warmer and warmer

At our today's lowest point we visited Hydroelectric power plant Vuzenica on River Drava

Going up again

Stop for a geocache near Napečnik's birch

Arl's Pine (Arlov bor)

The local parish church in Pernice is dedicated to Saint Simon and Saint Jude and was first mentioned in documents dating to 1468. It was destroyed during Ottoman raids in 1494 and was rebuilt in 1510.

WW2 monument on our way

Nice day in Koroška (Carinthia)

After 3 days of cycling we spotted the first official marking

Goriški Vrh in the hills north of Dravograd, right on the border with Austria.

Different cornering technique

Final descent past Saint Leonard (Sveti Lenart) Church in Vič, over river Drava twice to a pizza.

STKP: From checkpoint 88 to checkpoint 92 and down to Dravograd - Garmin Connect

STKP logo - visit http://pzs.si/ktk/wpstkp/en/ for details

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Der blaue Käfer"", TB6YGBZ, until it was dropped off):
- Kope SKI cache, GC2PQGE
- DEM HE Vuzenica, GC38QDF
- PERNICE. ARLOV BOR, GC4TNHG, where I dropped off trackable item "Der blaue Käfer"", TB6YGBZ