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Saturday, December 15, 2012



For today I decided to do some hiking in a national park. My friend John suggested me the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, which is heralded as the best one-day trek available in New Zealand, while others say it ranks among the top ten single-day treks in the world. Due to recent volcanic activity of Mari Crater in August and late November 2012, part of it remains closed, so I had to return to my starting point, Mangatepopo carpark.

While riding to Mangatepopo carpark, mountains Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu were looking at me 

 Warning sign, that the part of the track remains closed and a stream that flows along the way to Soda Springs

My primary destination, Mount Ngauruhoe, was still far away

Soda springs

View back to the valley

View to South Crater and Mount Tongariro

Mount Ngauruhoe is still releasing the smoke

View from the Mount Ngauruhoe to Mount Ruapehu and Tama lakes

Mount Ngauruhoe crater

Tuši at the top of Mount Ngauruhoe. The climb itself wasn't easy, as it is very steep and you advance one step forward, half backwards. Free advertisement for Roma bar. 

View to South carter, Mount Tongariro and Blue lake

Back on South crater, 1650 m

Mount Ngauruhoe was used as a stand-in for the fictional Mount Doom in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

  Red crater, 1886 m, has amazing shapes

Nice view from the top of Red crater to Blue lake and Emerald lakes

From this point on, the track is clossed

Blue lake and Emerald lakes

Tuši on the way up to Mount Tongariro and the Blue lake

At the top of Mount Tongariro, 1978 m, with Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Ruapehu in the back

From this point I only went down

Mountain buttercup or korikori (Ranunculus insignis)

View to the top of Mount Tongariro

Almost down again, after 25 km

Leaving the area on the motorbike

Mangahuia camp-site offered shelter to a very tired person today 

My dinner was delicious, rice from the bag with added tuna. John's recipe.

Great walk, no sunscreen. We'll probably see the effects later.

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