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Saturday, December 01, 2012


Report by Moshin (http://arabianoffroad.com/), the organiser and my CS host, I just added some pictures:

Well with all the frittering of the flimsy plastic that we made a shed, added discomfort to already chilly night. But the next day sunrise came up with its own challenges. The Xterra need a bypass surgery that Surgeon Naveen with  help of other Doctors performed and orthopaedic surgeon Zubin, who did a fanatic job on body structure.

Good morning Tuši

Cooking the tea, warming up the bodies and overcooked eggs (6 hours is obviouslly too much)

Our campsite

Hot during the day, very cold in the night

Moshin, organizer of the event and my CS host

"Our" girls

Matilda, Andy and Jeep Wrangler

Our convoy

Finally the Xterra was all set to take-off. We took the route back to Madinat Zayed with periodic recess. The Xterra was doing exceptionally  well,  and went straight to where we were suppose to go… yes you got it right ..  "MANDY"  we had a hearty meal of mandy, which did put us in right frame of mind. 

Having a beaten up Xterra in our convey was getting all kind of attention on road while we drove to  Madinat Zayed police station. After a brief discussion with the gentleman at the reception, who eventually told us to go to Mazeira police station. 

Nissan Patrol, my driver Moshin and me

 Naveen, "The mechanic"

Camels in the desert (also black ones)


Waiting in front of a police station in Liwa
Zubin and Shawn, headed back to Dubai, while rest of us started our journey to Mazeria, which is about 50 kilometres.  By the time we finished the formalities at the Police station it was dark so we decided to camp at Tal Moreeb.

Preparing the dinner

That night camping gave birth to the most creative, labour intensive and the most expensive dishes in the world:
1) ChickSlowe
2) SausSlowe
Naveen will post some professional shot of these dishes. The recipes of these dishes are top secret but for AOA members it can be available at a very discounted price… LOL.

ChickSlowe and SausSlowe 

Matilda: Parasite Tusi
The night was that cold but the due did wet everything. In the morning I and Tusi head back to Dubai while the rest of the gang continued under the leadership of Naveen.

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