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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


New Zealand: Day 23: HamiltonBridal Veil Falls - Port Waikato

The weather was still rainy and that is not very motivating, especially when you travel on a motorbike. Still, I had to move on from Kaimai Mamaku Forrest Park, where I spent the night, through some small cities below the clouds, to Hamilton, where I stopped by the Hamilton Gardens.

Leaving the reception of my camp-site in Kaimai Mamaku Forrest Park

Much more of these can be found in New Zealand than I expected

Will it rain, or not, go left, go right,... Many stupid questions in my head, still, I rode on


Rogers Rose Garden in Hamilton Gardens



Te Parapara Māori Garden

Beautiful flowers in Hamilton Gardens

Garden map vith many different sections, pdf version can be found here. Click me.

I continued towards west to Bridal Veil Falls, a plunge waterfall located along the Pakoka River in the Waikato area. The waterfall is 55 metres high, and has over time caused the formation of a large pool at the base of the waterfall.

Track towards the falls was very nice

Bridal Veil Falls, 55 m high

Ruapuke road towards the west coast of New Zealand

Some roads just become gravel roads, but it's worth it

The best visibility was probably like this today

After all the bumps on the gravel road my mirror just broke and some nasty red fluid came out. Ebay, here we come.
And the day was over in Port Waikato, which is not even a port, but only a small city. Had a nice fish (gurnard) and chips there for dinner.

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