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Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Slovenia: MTB - Velika Vremščica

In the morning I joined forces with Baki and we dove to Primorska with an intention to cycle to Slavnik. Just before the start of the cycling, it started to rain, so we had to change our plans and that was easily done with the help of some beers and good food. In the afternoon we settled in campsite Dujčeva domačija near the karst river Reka. The weather improved, so I decided to make an ascent to Velika Vremščica, while Baki explored the area around the campsite.

Crossing the river Reka, the largest and longest subterranean river in Slovenia.

The Reka river flows through one of the most interesting caves in Slovenia, Škocjan caves.

Nice road towards the summit.

Vremščica is a 1027 m high hill that rises above Vremska dolina valley and near the towns of Senožeče, Pivka and Divača. In fact, it is a mountain range, the highest peak of which is Velika Vremščica.

Getting closer.

Just a short section through the forest and the summit will be conquered.

With Black Mamba on top of Velika Vremščica, 1027 m.

Time for the fun part.

Great road for descending.

Out of order.

Time for a short break.

Vremski Britof - Church of the Assumption of Mary and soon I finished my cycling day - Garmin Connect.

Geocache found:
- Kite Heaven, GC16NN2, that  received a visit by trackable items "Finnish Flag Micro Geocoin", TB9N8D5 and "Bicycle Geocoin", TB6P7HF and where I dropped of trackable item "The "HITMAN"", TB29M7J 

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