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Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Slovenia: Summer Sledding

Our local guys are competing internationally in summer roller sledding and today they were practicing in our village in an area called Pod Košuto. Nada took some pictures, while me and Bronco hiked there from home (Garmin Connect) and just watched.

Žiga setting up his sled.

Showing Nada, how to make a right turn.

Matevž and Žiga.

Brothers Žiga and Vid.

Speeding down the road.

Sliding through the curve.

Junior world champions Vid and Matevž in double seater (the first junior world champions in the history of Slovenian luge).

Finishing the trianing.

Sankanje na koleščkih v Slovenije - Rollenrodeln in Slowenien - Luge on Wheels in Slovenia.

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