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Monday, August 15, 2022


Austria: Hike & Fly - Grlovec with a refreshment in Resnica Lake

Today we had a family time and we decided to start it with a hike to Grlovec (Ferlacher Horn). Nada, Klara, Aleš, Tim, Bronco and me drove to Zgornji Kot (Zell - Oberwinkel), where we parked below the Franc farm. From there we simply followed the marked trail to the top of Grlovec, 1840 m. We all enjoyed the view and soon I set up my glider and I flew down to Resnica lake, where Andreja and Matic were waiting by the lake. Others had a little longer way down, still we were all swimming in a lake after a while.

Tim, Bronco and me were the quickest on on the top.

Cross on the top with the view to the West.

Drava valley with Celovec.

Group photos.

Setting up my Tenor glider.


Quite a windy day and my first take off attempt wasn't successful.

2nd attempt was better and I was in the air.

First I flew towards the South and then around the hill to the North.

Straight towards the Resnica lake.

Grlovec is the highest hill, left from my hand.

Drava is a 710 kilometres long river that flows through 5 countries, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary.

Our destination, Resnica lake - Garmin Connect.

My nephews, Matic, Klara and Tim.

Geocache found:
- "Die Kleine Drau"... #31, GC7ZC77, that received a visit by trackable items "Finnish Flag Micro Geocoin", TB9N8D5,  "The "HITMAN"", TB29M7J and "Bicycle Geocoin", TB6P7HF

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