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Sunday, August 28, 2022


Slovenia: Soča Trail #2

The Soča Trail of Triglav National Park is a 25 kilometer hike that starts at the source of the Soča River and ends in the town of Bovec. All along the way, the stunning turquoise waters of the Soča River is in view as you hike alongside it, cross bridges over it, and even jump into the river itself. Nada, Bronco and me continued hiking with a company from Chera Hiking, enjoying the wonderful attractions of the Soča valley.

First part of our hike on Soča Trail - 15808.

Start of the hike on day 2.

The most beautiful gorge is carved by Soča river near the Soča village. Big trough is 750 meters long, 15 meters deep and in sometimes with river banks only 2 meters apart.

Enjoying attractions along the Soča Trail.

One of the million bridges across the river.

Another very narrow part of the river - Korita Soče pri Kršovcu.

Steep and deep.

Finishing the trip with a lunch made by Nina and then some of us continued towards the confluence of Soča and Koritnica - Garmin Connect.

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