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Saturday, August 20, 2022


SloveniaAustria: Koroška with Osojsko Lake on a motorbike

After a long time, Nada and me did a motorbike trip together. We decided to do a trip in Austrian state called Kärnten / Carinthia / Koroška. Our goal was to visit the Lake Ossiach / Ossiacher See / Osojsko jezero, a dimictic lake with mixing periods in spring and in late autumn.

Lake Osojsko jezero is the Carinthia state's third largest lake.

Stopped next to the lake.

Steindorf am Ossiacher See is one of the five villages around the lake.

We decided to do a boat trip, but we had to wait for a while.

Our ride arrived.

Enjoying on a boat trip.

Nada and Tuši.

Ossiach Abbey / Stift Ossiach / Benediktinski samostan Osoje is a former Benedictine monastery in Ossiach / Osoje.

Important call.

The lake is 10.78 km long and 1.54 km wide with a maximum depth of 52.6 m.

Village called Annenheim, below the Gerlitzen mountain.

Ossiacher See was formed during the last Ice Age as a result of glacial erosion and later filled with water when the glaciers receded.

After more than 10 stations our boat trip ended and we saddled our bikes again.

Blue horse and Thunder.

Happy riders made almost 200 km today.

Geocaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "Finnish Flag Micro Geocoin", TB9N8D5,  "The "HITMAN"", TB29M7J and "Bicycle Geocoin", TB6P7HF):
- Ossiachersee Nord, GC22PKJ
- Über'n Glantalboden - Sankt Leonhard, GC2BC94
- Blick zum Schloss Tanzenberg, GC927Q1

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