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Monday, August 08, 2022


Romania: Summer Vacation 2022 - Day 12: Along Danube - Black Sea Canal

Our main destination for this year's summer vacation was Romania. Once more, Nada and Bronco didn't' want to stay too long on the Sun, so I decided to explore the area near the Danube - Black Sea Canal, which runs from Cernavodă on the Danube river, via two branches, to Constanța and Năvodari on the Black Sea. The main branch of the canal, with a length of 64.4 km, which connects the Port of Cernavodă with the Port of Constanța, was built in 1976-1984, while the northern branch, known as the Poarta Albă-Midia Năvodari Canal, with a length of 31.2 km, connecting Poarta Albă and the Port of Midia, was built between 1983 and 1987.

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Tineretului statue (also called Fallen Angel, Alata or the Straja Youth Monument) is dedicated to the Union of Communist Youth.

Although the idea of building a navigable canal between the Danube and the Black Sea is old, the first concrete attempt was made between 1949 and 1953, when the communist authorities of the time used this opportunity to eliminate political opponents, so the canal became notorious as the site of labor camps, when at any given time, between 5000 and 20000 detainees, mostly political prisoners, worked on its excavation.

After I visited this 50 m high monument, I continued to Murfatlar, which also lies on the  Danube - Black Sea Canal.

The monument near the former Coasta Galeşu labour camp, where people were working on the canal. The place of the camp remained in local memory under the name Plaiul Popilor, because especially clerics were detained here.

Cooling down in the hotel room.

Geocaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Finnish Flag Micro Geocoin", TB9N8D5):
- Aero Tuzla, GC9WTJD, that received a visit by trackable item "Magic: The Gathering, Rivals of Ixalan Trackable: Vampire Die Bonbon Dose", TB8Q8AY
- STRAJA - the Unknown Monument, Mystery, GC9XZDH, where I dropped off trackable item "Magic: The Gathering, Rivals of Ixalan Trackable: Vampire Die Bonbon Dose", TB8Q8AY
- Remember Galesu, GC7TPYR

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