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Friday, March 08, 2013


Australia: Day 08: Exploring Canberra and attending National Photographic Portrait Prize 2013

In the morning Wyatt and me delivered our CS host Adam to Canberra, where he had to go to work and we decided to explore the city.

Parking in Canberra is free on same places if 3 or more people drive in the car

Our first stop was Australian War MemorialAustralia's national memorial to the members of all its armed forces and supporting organisations who have died or participated in the wars of the Commonwealth of Australia. Free tour was a good reason to spend more time here.

View from the Australian War Memorial to ANZAC Parade with old and new parliament far back.

The commemorative area - Roll of Honour 

Aircraft Hall - Messerschmitt Bf 109

Kemal Atatürk Memorial


Canberra celebrates 100 birthday in 2013

Old Parliament House was operating from 1927 to 1988.

New Parliament House was opened on 9th May 1988 and it was the most expensive building in the world at the time of its construction.

View from the top of the Parliament House over Old Parliament House to ANZAC Parade and Australian War Memorial

Well deserved beer with Wyatt

After our city tour we were invited to the opening of the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2013 in National Portrait Gallery. Free drinks and food are always welcomed. Wyatt was on a portrait of Daniel Arnaldi, who participated in the contest with the portrait on the picture below.

Wyattt, by Daniel Arnaldi - Wyatt Song decided to set himself the challenge of swimming the English Channel. His training sessions included sitting in cold water to acclimatise to the conditions in the channel. This portrait was taken while he was still training for the swim. The temperature of the water was 12 degrees and, within a few minutes, Wyatt’s whole body was shaking from the cold. ‘I think this counts as a training session’, he said. Wyatt went on to successfully cross the channel, making him the first Chinese Australian to do so.


Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard opened the contest and after that she wanted a picture with me. Why not I said and joined her on the stage. Unfortunately that wasn't enough for Wyatt and Daniel to win. The winner was the portrait on the picture below.

Yhonnie and Indiana by Janelle Low - I met Yhonnie Scarce through the Dianne Tanzer Gallery in 2011 and have had the privilege of documenting her work ever since. When Indiana's health took a turn for the worse, just short of her 19th birthday, Yhonnie made a personal request that I capture a portrait of them together.

Later back at Adam's place we had a couple of beers and Adam told me the basic differences between Rugby Union and Footy (Australian Rules Football) and the decision was made, that I have to see at least one rugby match in Australia.

Canberra City Walk/Drive

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