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Friday, March 22, 2013


Australia: Day 22: Great Ocean Road and Adelaide: Day 4

After the windy night we woke up next to Princes Highway close to Kingston SE. Our plan was to go to Adelaide, see the city and then everybody had his own plans.

Camping near the Princes Highway

Quick stop by the lake in Coorong National Park, built as a sanctuary for many species of birds

First Australian oil well was drilled here in 1866, although the search was unsuccessful.

Breakfast in Meningie by the Lake Albert


Crossing the longest Australian river, Murray River (2375 km), in Wellington with a free ferry

For the best view of the city of Adelaide go to Mount Lofty. Well, it may be true, but it wasn't for our case, since it was too foggy and cloudy.

National War Memorial, Adelaide, a monument commemorating those who served in the First World War.

South Australian Museum was also on our to do list. Check in this pdf, what we saw.

Murnpeowie meteorite is an iron meteorite (1143 kilograms) that was found in 1909 near Lake Callabonna in South Australia. Now you can see it in South Australian Museum.

We finished our Adelaide sightseeing trip with the Migration Museum. Four days with Kristina, Stella and Bruno passed very quick and we had a great time together.

Fourth day on Great Ocean Road with Stella, Kristina and Bruno. Kingston - MeningieWellington - Adelaide.

After good-bye I boarded a plane (travel reservation) to Brisbane, where my new CS host Ross picked me up

Flight with Virgin Australia from Adelaide to Brisbane

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