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Monday, March 11, 2013


Australia: Day 11: Blue Mountains: Govetts Leap Area and Wentworth Falls

In the morning Grant dropped me off in the Govetts Leap Area and he continued to his Yoga class. I explored the area around the drop-off point.

Bridal Veil Falls

Slippery descent to the bottom of the falls

Shower under the falls

Horseshoe Falls 

Bridal Veil Falls (left) and Horseshoe Falls (right)

Pulpit Rock and Groose Valley (on the left photo)

Hike to Bridal Veil Falls ans Horseshoe Falls

After the walk Grant picked me up and we went to Wentworth Falls (town), where we parked the car and started our hike.

View from the top of the cliff , from Jamison Lookout to Jamison Valley

Top section of Wentworth Falls


Many of the walking tracks in the Blue Mountains were constructed 100 years ago. Local communities were in competition to provide the "most spectacular" round trip walking routes to attract tourists to their town. Here in Wentworth Falls, Captain James Murray supervised a team of 4 workers, known locally as the "Irish Brigade". His team took over 2 years to build the 2.5 km National Pass track. Accessing the base of the falls, which involved cutting steps down the sheer cliff face, was one of their biggest challenges.

We came from the top

Remains of one of the tools used to build the track.


Hiking towards bottom section of Wentworth Falls 

My CS host and Blue Mountains guide Grant, me and the bottom of Wentworth Falls

Shower time


Whole rock is supported by this wooden piece

Canyoning - Empress Falls

Track back to the start of our hiking trip

Bye, bye Blue Mountains, bye bye Grant. I had a great time here!

Hiking In Wentworth Falls Area

Train Ticket Back To Sydney, AUS$ 8.40

When I came back to Sydney, Wyatt and me went shopping and I decided to try the Kangaroo meat. We made a great dinner.

Our meat for dinner, Kangaroo steaks

Dinner for 3 CouchSurfers at Wyatt's place

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