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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Australia: Day 13: Hiking In Snowy Mountains, Mount Kosciuszko

Windy morning destroyed one of the nearby empty tents, so I helped my neighbours to pick it up from the Thredbo River and after the breakfast I left the Ngarigo Campground and started hitchhiking to Thredbo.

Good morning in Ngarigo Campground

Waiting for a lift to Thredbo.

A local guy that was working in Thredbo responded to my thumb and soon I was in a local hotel, where I stored one of my backpacks.



Ascend to my first stop, Eagles nest, Australia's highest restaurant @ 1937 m

Track to the Mount Kosciuszko is like a motorway

Mount Kosciuszko was hidden in the clouds

Lake Cootapatampa, highest altitude lake in Australia

Looking for a geocache Kosciuszko Tops, GCNEFX, with fellow geocachers

My first highest peak of the continent - Mount Kosciuszko, 2228 m 

Lake Albina

Club Lake

Towards Charlote Pass on Main Range Track

Blue Lake

Crossing Snowy River

View from Charlotte Pass


Seaman's Hut

Back to Thredbo

Pets on descent

After the hiking in Kosciuszko National Park I went back on the road, where I hitchhiked, but since it was quite late with almost no traffic I didn't get a lift to my wanted destination.

Camping on the road

Hiking in Snowy Mountains

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