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Friday, October 24, 2014


Slovenia: First ride with Black Mamba

My new bike, Black Mamba, has been waiting or the first real ride for more than a day and today, after work, we made our first adventure. We attacked the hill, near my house, with a finish at Koča na Prevalu mountain hut at 1311 m. After a photo session we descended on Baron Born's path to Ljubelj and from there on the old gravel road back home.

The road winds up on the slopes of Begunjščica, 2060 m

Our first snow

Great afternoon

At our highest point, Preval.

Descend was very interesting, with 2 tunnels and  near the edge

View from the cockpit

Merida AM 3000-D near the WW2 bunker with love signs

Our first ride was a success.

GeoCaches found:
- The Baron's Hunting Trail, GC1EF4G
- Ljubelj, GC3J8KQ

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