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Sunday, October 19, 2014


Slovenia: Hiking in TNP in Triglav Lakes Valley, Day 2

A two day trip in the mountains with Nada continued. Our planned route changed a little, so we started with our hike from Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih mountain hut, 2071 m, straight to Kanjavec, 2569 m, which was also the highest peak of our trip, and one of the highest ones in Slovenia. You can access the list of the highest Slovenian mountains here.

Good Morning Slovenia

Our winter bivouac

Where snow never melts

Our 1st destination, Kanjavec

Towards the peak

Steinbock (Alpine ibex)

We had some company

Amazing view from the top

Nada and me infront of Triglav, our highest peak

Rocks everywhere

After a while we conquered the 2nd highest peak of the day, Velika Zelnarica, 2320 m, where we had lunch and more magnificent views on the nearby lakes, mountains and valleys.

View to the ridge, where we walked yesterday (Veliko Špičje, 2398 m and Malo Špičje, 2312 m), with The lake Jezero v Ledvicah, 1831 m.

The Valley on the southeast that leads to Planina Dedno Polje, 1560 m.

Still plenty of food, at least for 2 days more.

Lunch at 2320 m.

Kopica, 2190 m and Velika Tičarica, 2091 m.

View from Mala Tičarica, 2071m, to Double lake and Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih mountain hut, 1685 m.


Soon we left the altitude 2000 m and we started descending back to the valley through pastures, Planina Ovčarija, 1660 m, Planina Dedno Polje, 1560 m and Planina Viševnik, 1625 m.

Planina Dedno Polje

Planina Viševnik

The lake Črno jezero, the lowest of all Triglav lakes, from where we descended via Komarča (the same way we came up) to Koča pri Savici mountain hut.

Hike in Triglav National Park, Day 2

GeoCaches found:
- Mala Tičarica, GC3T3C8
- Planina Ovcarija, GC2YVH7

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