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Saturday, August 12, 2017


AustriaGesäuse National Park, Day 2: Mountain Biking

Our local Mountain rescue service GRS Tržič celebrates 80 years of its existence and therefore they also prepared a summer camp in nearby Gesäuse National Park in Austria. They also invited our Mountaineering section and many of us decided to join them. In the end, there was around 50 people in the camp with different activities on our minds.

Weather wasn't good, but also not too bad, so Nada, Barbi, Ana and me decided to go mountain biking. We chose one of the yellow tracks on the map, that lead us over two pastures, Niederscheibenalm and Hochscheibenalm to Hieflau. Since we were all a bit wet and cold we stopped in the nearest bar, to warm up. We all had a cup of tea with rum and soon we felt much better, especially when we wanted to pay and they said the bill is only 6€. In the end we found out, that we were not in the bar, but in the local curling sports club. We continued cycling around an artificial lake and then slowly returned back to our base.

Since we were back early, I decided to have a motorbike trip in the afternoon.

Our previous days in Gesäuse: Day 1.

Over some obstacles to Hieflau 

The Wag Reservoir loses just an espresso cupful of water a day


We returned back by the river Enns

Jump with a bicycle would be possible

View to Gesäuse National Park

Pilgrimage church of Frauenberg (Wallfahrtskirche Frauenberg or Mariä Opferung Frauenberg)

For over 600 years, Christians have been coming on pilgrimage with their requests for intercession to the church of Frauenberg.

Nearby calvary hill - a Christian monument that is intended to represent the passion of Jesus Christ.

Abbey church in Admont

GeoCaches found:
- Nationalpark Pavillon, GC54AJC, that received a visit by trackable item "Little Red Buggy", TB6M50J
- Hartelsgrabenstrasse, GC1YA90, where I dropped trackable item "Little Red Buggy", TB6M50J
- Radstadt Höhe, GC5FX9D
- Gesäuseblick, GC4AQFJ
- Peer Schottergrube, GC3NWM1
- 10er-Durchfahrt, GC3NWKH
- Place Of Historical Interest V, GCGVFJ

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