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Friday, August 04, 2017


Czech Republic: Brno, MotoGP Race:  Day 1

A year has passed and with friends we went to the MotoGP race again, for the 10th time. The crew consisted of 9 people, Urban, Klemen, Dejan, Uroš, Uroš, Klemen, Boštjan, Grega and me. Our driver this year was Boštjan and he now belongs to the special list of our drivers.

Van drivers of the Brno expeditions:

  • Damir Pintarič (2007)
  • Matija Stegnar and Matjaž Štrukelj (2009)
  • Grega Lang and Gašper Zupan (2010)
  • Primož Jurjevčič (2011)
  • Dejan Štrukelj (2012)
  • Urban Premrl (2013)
  • Matjaž Štrukelj (2014)
  • Mirko Žuran (2015)
  • Žiga Gorenc (2016)
  • Boštjan Nemec (2017)

We settled in a Hostel Eleven in the city centre on Dominikánská 11.

Our 10th apperance in Brno

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