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Monday, January 21, 2013


New Zealand: Day 49: Extreme Bushwalking around Otaki Forks in Tararua Forest Park

My plan to get up at 5 a.m. in the morning wasn't successful. My head was a bit heavy from last night so I had around 4 hour delay but still in the end I left for Otaki Forks, where I started my hike towards the Field Hut.

Crossing the Waiotauru River without a motorbike 

Viewpoint on a hot sunny day

Nice track trough the bush towards Field Hut

Continued my way from Field Hut to Table Top (1047 m)

The track continues towards Kime Hut, but I turned left here

Looks good, no red colour, so it can't be that bad. Let's go.

So far so good. Nothing special. We are already in the valley.

Penn Creek Hut

The track disappeared, but I easily continued down the Penn Creek

Up to this point. Rocks on left and right, quite deep water. There is no way back. I still moved on.

I came to the point, when I decided to find the track and maybe advance a little quicker. I found it, but after a kilometre I lost it again. I was already a bit worried, since it was already quite late. If I only wouldn't ignore that sign.

Above the river and active slips on a deer tracks. I advanced slowly through the dense bush.

At around 9 p.m. I was still in the forest with no track, but very close to my uphill track. I managed to reach it just before total darkness and then I continued downhill with my headlamp. Luckily Garmin and headlamp were working without any issues. Lesson learned, hopefully. In the end it was a long 26 kilometre EXTREME BUSHWALK.

Hiking in Tararua Forest Park. Otaki Forks - Field Hut - Table Top - Penn Creek Hut - Tuši's Track (not recommended) - Otaki Forks.

Some geocaches I found on the way.
1. My Scary Bridge, GC2FVFB
2. John's Birthday Cache, GC4108T and trackable item "All Blacks Silver Fern", TB2A2BN
3. Historic Field Hut Otaki Forks, GC2HKVC and trackable item "Raptorich 500", TB2050P
4. Table Cloth on Table Top, GC4108D
5. Cache on a Table Top, GC2Q24P
6. Which Way from Here?, GC4108H and trackable item "Sponge Bob Square Bug", TBZ0YM

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