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Monday, May 08, 2017


Slovenia: Wild Garlic

On Saturday, Nada and me spotted big fields of Wild Garlic and today after work we decided to pick up some bags.

In Europe, where ramsons are popularly harvested from the wild, similarity to poisonous plants such as lily of the valley or Colchicum autumnale regularly leads to cases of poisoning.

The leaves of A. ursinum are edible; they can be used as salad, herb,boiled as a vegetable, in soup, or as an ingredient for a sauce that may be a substitute for pesto in lieu of basil.

In Stiška vas we looked for a GeoCache near a church, that is dedicated to the Holy Cross and dates to 1751.

GeoCache found:
- Stiška vas - cerkev sv. Križa, GC50E81, where I placed trackable item "9CWMTBR Teddy", TB4Z8MC, made a visit with "Travel Bug Dog Tag", TB616Q3 and "Sotta masken", TB392J9 and grabbed "Ambiex's coin", TBZ99E

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