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Thursday, February 07, 2013


New Zealand: Day 66: Te Papa Museum

After work I rode to Wellington, where I purchased the tickets for the event called "U2 - A digital dome experience" in Carter Observatory.

35 NZ$ for event called "U2 - A digital dome experience"

View from Carter Observatory to the capital of New Zealand, Wellington

After that I finally went to the Te Papa national museum but I also finished quite quickly. Obviously I still don't belong to the museum.

View to Wellington from Te Papa museum

Te Marae, meeting place

Te Papa museum, free

Afternoon ride to Wellington

Did you know?

1. Around 1000 AD, before humans arrived in New Zealand, forest covered more than 80% of the land. Now it covers only around 23%. Read more.
Deforestation in New Zealand

2. The temperature in the Inner core of the Earth is more than 5000°C.

Pressure and temperature inside our planet

3. New Zealand's first sheep were set ashore by Captain Cook in 1773 and in 1982, there was total of 70.3 million sheep living in the country. In the same year, 3.18 million people lived in New Zealand. This works out to 22 sheep per person. Now the population of sheep has significantly reduced and more people live there. Read more.

And some great news from Slovenia. Our Hockey Team won the first game in the qualifier for Olympic games in Sochi 2014. 18-ranked Slovenia defeated 13-ranked Belarus 4-2. Congratulations guys! Read more.

Game winner! Captain Tomaž Razingar scores on a penalty shot vs Belarus' Vitali Koval. Photo: Jan Korsgaard

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