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Saturday, August 27, 2016


Slovenia: Boating On Kolpa River: Day 2

ŠKD Indijanci (Sports and cultural association of our company) survived the first night. On our second day, we rented the boats and we started to raw down the Kolpa river stream. We were equipped with wine, beer and God knows what else.

In 5 hours of hard rowing we arrived to Učakovci, where they picked us up.

Group photo of all the participants (Danica, Goran, Primož, Petra, Saška, Vlado, Tuši, Nada, Anže and Aleš) at the southernmost point of Slovenia, 45°25'N

Crew for 5 boats were selected by drawing lots

Time for refreshments

Over the wild rapids

The only "girl" crew

Fights on the water

One of our last meetings on the river

When we returned back to our base camp we played the game called Kubb - a game that could date back to the Viking Age. While we were playing, Vlado prepared a dinner for us.

Avesome average rowing speed - 1.5 km/h

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