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Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Slovenia / Austria: Riding with Greek Friends

Yesterday 2 CouchSurfers arrived to our place, Lefteris and Nicoletta. Lefteris is an old friend of mine and it was nice to see him again after the 2nd CouchSurfing Invasion Slovenia event (12160, 12161 and 12162), that was in our calendars almost 4 years ago.

Today was reserved for riding and we did a nice 130 kilometres long round-trip.

Short break in Zgornje Jezersko near Planšarsko jezero (Lake Planšar) with a view to Kamnik–Savinja Alps

Nicoletta, Lefteris, Tuši and Nada

Our ride in Slovenia and Austria

GeoCaches found:
- trackable item "GO4CACHE with mucek4", TB490MA

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