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Sunday, August 07, 2016


Slovenia: Sunday in Soča Valley

Nada celebrated her birthday a while ago and she got a great present, voucher for skydiving from 4000 meters. So we drove to Bovec, where she did her jump.

On the road to Soča valley

On our way to Bovec we visited Zelenci and Predelica

Worried face boarded the plane 

She took off

Ready, steady, ...

... in the air


Successfully landed

We continued our day with exploring. We visited Kobarid and its famous waterfall Kozjak, Italian Charnel house and in the end we hanged out by Soča river in Tolmin.


Waterfall Kozjak

Italian Charnel house was built on Gradič hill around the already existing Church of St. Anthony which had been consecrated as far back as 1696. Along the road, leading to the Charnel House, Stations of the Cross were also erected. In September 1938, the Charnel House was opened by Benito Mussolini. It is constructed in the form of three concentric octagonal fields, diminishing in the upward direction, with the Church of St. Anthony on the very top. Mortal remains of 7,014 known and unknown Italian soldiers who had been killed in the First World War were transferred to the Charnel House from the nearby military cemeteries.

Chill out in Soča near Tolmin

GeoCaches found:
- Little Lake, GC1578X
- Rušilen drobirski tok / Destructive Debris flow, EarthCache, GC39WA9
- Soca Highlights No.6 - Trnovo Bridge, GC34FCP
- Kostnica, MultiCache, GC3KV23, where I retreived trackable item "Finland Geocoin 2007", TB1PJPE and he visited with me all next caches today
- Soriska planina, GC2DJVF
- Pantzova žicnica, GC35TYA

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