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Sunday, July 24, 2016


Slovenia: Weekend in Bovec: Day 3 - Hike to Rombon, Chill-out in Soča

For my Birthday I received a coupon for Canyoning in Fratarica and this weekend I decided to redeem it. Since it was a 5 hour event only, Nada, Rok and me decided to spend the whole weekend in Bovec area, doing various things.

On Sunday, our last day, we conquered Rombon, 2208 m high mountain. Off course we chose a bit more difficult way there, over Vrh Ribežnov, 2018 m, with grassy and from time to time pathless terrain. Anyway, we made it and after a couple of photos we descended down, past more WW1 fortifications to Veliki Rob, 1313 m, the position of the Austro Hungarian artillery observatory. From there we just continued down past Fort Herman to Kluže Fortress, where our car was waiting for us.

Quickly we moved to the shop in Bovec, where we took care of our hydration needs and continued to Camp Gabrje, where we relaxed in Soča river with a couple of nice cold beers.

Waking up with breakfast

Towards the saddle and Vrh Ribežnov

On top of Vrh Ribežnov with our destination behind

View to the West, with mountains Velika Črnelska špica, Lopa and Prestreljenik


Log pod Mangartom with Mangrt and Jalovec

View through the window

Panorama from the top

Nada, Tuši and Rok with their impressions of the route

Another view to the North


Remains from World War 1Battles of the Isonzo

Veliki Rob - Kota 1313

2 day hike from Kluže Fortress to Zavrzelno and Planina Goričica, where we spent the night. In the morning we continued to Vrh Ribežnov and then to our destination Rombon, 2208 m, followed by a descent over Veliki Rob (Kota 1313) back to Fort Kluže.

Soča, cold and very refreshing

GeoCaches found:
- Mount Rombon, EarthCache, GC38Y40
- Kota 1313, GC3QK87

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