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Saturday, October 31, 2015


Slovenia: Hiking and Climbing to Brana

Weather forecast was great and the result was another hiking trip with Nada, again with events of climbing. Our chosen mountain was Brana and our climbing part was "Zgornji steber s šijo Brane", (IV-/II-III, 160m + 200m), an upper pillar on the eastern side of mountain Brana with the Šija ridge.

The access was quite long, since we had to ascend 1200 meters, but it was worth it. We had a nice and easy climb in the end, with a finish beer at the "Kamniška koča na Kamniškem sedlu mountain hut" and a night descent back to the valley.

Good morning

Brana from our hiking point of view

View back to the valley from Kamnik saddle

Brana on the left, with the hut and the saddle. Tuši is taking picture of Logar valley.

Logar valley

Reading the "climbing" map

Nada in action on Šija ridge

Peak and cross on Brana

Awesome view

Time to go back down to the hut and deserved beer


Today's mountain

Neighbouring mountain, Planjava

Alpine ibex

Brana with the sunset

Return to the valley was done by night

Whole day of hiking with events of mountaineering

GeoCaches found (all caches received a visit by trackable item "P Wee the penguin", TB33C54):
- KAMNISKO SEDLO, GC3Q6AH, where I discovered trackable item "Hobby", TB6HDCW.
- JERMANOVA VRATA, FTF (First to find), Multi, GC64BV5
- Brana, GC5ACVT

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