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Monday, October 05, 2015


Kenya: Day 18: Diani Beach

Good morning and thank you Edith, for cooking a tea for us and putting the breakfast on the table. When we finished eating a guy on a motorbike took us to Nakumatt shop on Diani beach. Today we started walking north, towards our GeoCache. Since it was very hot, Nada didn't like the walk on the asphalt, but she didn't like the alternatives either, so we kept on going.

We found out, that a GeoCache is located in a local shop, owned by Rastaman. Nice try to bring the customers straight to you. We found it, and we also bought two things, a bowl for fruit and a Maasai statue, both after a long negotiations. After that we also asked him if he knows anyone, who would take us sailing with a dhow. Since Rastaman knows everyone, he also knew the captain of the dhow. Soon we made an arrangement for tomorrow morning, sailing with fishing and a fish lunch in the end.

We continued to the beach where we settled in a bar with nice modern reggae music. We started to play rummy and while we were playing we had a couple of Tuskers.

On our way back to Ukunda we bought a coconut, again after long negotiations. It was time to return home, since it was our turn to cook dinner. We bought the ingredients on the way back, green beans, potatoes, onions and carrots. We still had some cold meat - Savinjski želodec (cold meats from the Savinjska region) from Slovenia with us, so we served that too. Since we were all tired we soon went to bed.

Threesome on a motorbike

Ask a tree?

Transporting the goods

Rastaman's cat and the Rastaman himself with GeoCache box

Diani beach is about 10 kilometres long, from the Kongo river to the north and Galu beach to the south (the southern point of reference is an old Baobab tree).

Rummy and Tusker

Me and my friend

View from a bar to Indian Ocean

Poser and ...

... a photographer.

Time to catch some animals

The beach is the area's major attraction - long, soft, white and lovely, it comes close to the tropical ideal.

Keeping in shape for German and Italian tourists

Time to go back home to Ukunda

Long-lasting negotiations for a coconut

Going home

Today's chef in the kitchen

Ukunda - Diani beach

GeoCache found:
- The Rastaman Cache in Diani Beach, GC1PHHZ, where I took trackable items "Edelweiss", TB4JGEB and "Travel Pirate Geocoin", TB5D2YM

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