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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Slovenia: Breakfast on Jošt

My backpack has many things inside and one of them is a meat pate called Gavrilović. It has been with me for a very long time and has made many vertical meters, so today we decided to eat it. We gathered on a morning hike to Sveti Jošt nad Kranjem, 845 m and there we had a big breakfast. In the end, the pate was lucky, since we had so many things, that I just put it back in to my backpack.

Our goodies (pate, salami, Jošt chees, Belokranjska pogača (flatbread from Bela Krajina), tea, zaseka (bacon jam), ...)

Rok, Grega, Tuši and Nada

Rakovica - Jošt - Krokodil - Rakovica

GeoCache found:
- Krokodil, GC1F9GF, where I left trackable item "Travel Pirate Geocoin", TB5D2YM and made a visit with "P Wee the penguin", TB33C54.

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