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Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Kenya: Day 20: Good-bye Kenya

Our last day in Kenya started with a good-bye to our noble CouchSurfers Edith and Mark. Thank you again for everything. Little past 6 a.m. we took the matatu to Likoni and in the end the traffic was already getting worse, but we were still on time. We boarded the ferry and on Mombasa island we took the tuk-tuk to the airport.

Half way to the airport the main fuse of the tuk-tuk got blown, but I guess that happened quite often. I helped the driver to push the vehicle off the road and he changed the fuse in less than a minute, so we were back on the road in no time. Few kilometres later the steel cable to the gearbox broke, so we were stuck in 2nd gear with the maximum speed 20 km/h, but airport was close and we arrived on time.

We still had some KSH, so we decided to do some shopping. Everything was or expensive or useless, so we bought a bag of tea and alcohol and then we boarded the plane.

Hello Frankfurt, Germany. We landed without any problems, but they arrived later, when we had to go through another security check. Since the alcohol from Kenya wasn't packed properly, according to some standards, the security guy told me to throw it away, or I have to do another check in with extra luggage. Well, the third option was to drink it, but since I had to drive home later, we decided to check in extra piece of luggage. To do that, we had to buy a special box for the bottle, and that box almost costed more than the booze itself. At the counter we were also lucky, since they could charge us that extra piece of luggage. All was set and soon we were on our flight to Vienna.

In Vienna everything was cool. Nada arranged, that another passenger will join us on our road trip to Slovenia. Katja arrived from Mallorca.

Back to island city Mombasa with Likoni ferry

Information table in Frankfurt Airport

Solving an issue with the booze at the FRA

Our plane tickets from MBA to FRA

Mombasa (Kenya) - Frankfurt (Germany) - Vienna (Austria)

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