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Saturday, October 03, 2015


Kenya: Day 16: From Lamu to Mombasa

Our days in Lamu were finished and we had to pack again and we continued with a refreshing breakfast, said goodbye to Yumbe house and headed towards the docks.

This time we boarded a little bigger boat than the previous time, but it was older with a smelly smoking diesel engine, that required a special person to handle it. Since the boat was leaking a bit, he was also in charge for removing the water that came into the boat.

We reached the mainland in an hour and at 10:00 we started driving with a bus from Mokowe to Mombasa. Another long day on the jumping bus was ahead of us.

Since our food (pasta from yesterday) got rotten, we bought nice and healthy cookies on the way. They tasted so good, that one for each was enough for the whole day. Maybe you will be lucky to taste them back in Slovenia, when we will have a presentation about our trip.

Our plan to go to Ukunda in the evening and stay with our new host fell into the water. We arrived too late to Mombasa, therefore we decided to stay over the night there. Our new CS hosts will have to wait for us till tomorrow.

Coral building - Yumbe house

3rd floor, where our room was

View from our floor

Part of our breakfast

Boat station

Towards the mainland

Full boat

"Pumping" out the water

First row in the bus. This driver was quite normal.

Police escort

Lamu - Mombasa

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