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Saturday, June 27, 2015


ItalyGlacier Mountaineering Course: Day 2

Our mountaineering section organized a Glacier Mountaineering Course and I joined them. First day was behind us (13189) and we were ready to conquer the Hochgall, 3436 m. In the Kasseler Hütte we had an early breakfast and at 5:30 a.m. we started walking towards the glacier Hochgall Ferner, where we attached our crampons and formed 2 glacial formations. We successfully crossed the glacier, but the conditions to climb the designated north face were too poor, so we used a different passage (300 m, slope up to 50 degrees) to reach the ridge. From there we just follow it to the peak, where we also used the ropes for the last few meters. A group photo, quick sandwich and a drink and we started with the descent accompanied with easy snowfall over a very interesting ridge and Graues Nöckl. The way down was quite difficult, since the granite plates weren't covered with snow at all places, so the crampons were sometimes just annoying us. In the end we all successfully returned back to the hut, where the taste of the beer was just perfect. After an hour we just packed our backpacks and return to the valley and drove back to Slovenia. On our way we sponsored Austrian police officers with 70€.

Good morning. Woke up at 4:30 a.m., started walking at 5:30 a.m.

Warming up

We left the marked track and jumping over the streams became normal

Towards the glacier Hochgall Ferner

Typical glacier lake

Glacier crack. Luckily it wasn't covered with snow.

2 glacier formations, one with 2 members and one with 3

There is only one way: UP

Samo, me, Tomaž and Miha

We successfully reached the ridge and you can see the peak on the right side of the photo

View to the South with Antholzer See

On Hochgall. The peak is a few meters to the left. Back row from the left: Tomaž, Miha, Samo, front row: Tuši and Slavc

For me, the most difficult was the descent.

Our trip

Another difficult but perfect day

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