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Friday, June 26, 2015


ItalyGlacier Mountaineering Course: Day 1

Our mountaineering section organized a Glacier Mountaineering Course and I joined them. 5 of us gathered in Bistrica pri Tržiču, 3 trainees (Samo, Tomaž and me) and 2 instructors (Slavc and Miha). Together we drove over Austria to Rein in Taufers in South Tyrol, Italy. From there we walked with our gear to a hut with many names, Kasselerhütte, Hochgallhütte or Rifugio Roma. We settled in and after a short break our instructors demonstrated us how to properly move on the glacier, how to use the ropes and how to rescue someone if he falls into the crack.

Just before the village Rein in Taufers/Riva di Tures we stopped for a while

Rein in Taufers with our destination, Hochgall, 3436 m

Local church dedicated to Wolfgang of Regensburg

One of many waterfalls. Since the area is mostly made out of granite, the water flows on the surface all the time.

On our way to the hut we had a picture with the highest peak of Rieserferner Group. From the left: Samo, Miha, Tomaž and me. Slavc was behind the camera.

View to the valley


Local map

Another view to Hochgall/Monte Collalto

Reflection in a nearby lake

Kasselerhütte, Hochgallhütte or Rifugio Roma at altitude 2274 m

One of many streams

Dry practice

Tristennöckl/Monte Covoni has a new name, unfortunately it couldn't be published

Hike on our first day from Rein in Taufers to Kasseler Hütte

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